Sunday, November 17, 2013

Movie Day Two

Ok, so if you haven't read my post from last night READ THAT FIRST :-)

This movie is part two :-P

So in the first movie Brielle was showing off her "table top" move from gymnastics. Well of course Raya got jealous, so this movie is her attempting it as well.

The best part is listen for Brielle in the background saying "like this Raya" and then trying to show her haha. So cute. (And sidenote, I love the way Brielle says "Raya" ...its like with a little accent or something lol)

Then the second part of this movie is Raya singing her favorite Halloween song from preschool. I wanted to end with something to show off her awesome skills too! I love hearing her sing preschool songs. Her little voice is so cute.

(Please excuse her lack of pants AGAIN. She had been wearing cute short overalls at preschool but took them off at home.)

Don't forget, watch yesterday's movie first!


  1. HAHA! I love the "table top" attempts!
    And that song, we have that as a book! Marcus LOVES it!!


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