Monday, November 18, 2013

Our family is growing... *8* feet! :-P

We have decided to adopt a sibling pair of cats! The girls LOVE cats whenever we go somewhere that has them. We tossed the idea around for awhile now of adopting one because Lee also gets a kick out of cats. I have never had an indoor cat in my life, so the idea is foreign to me, but I hear they are low maintenance compared to dogs so here's to hoping I like them lol.

Lee is on a hunting trip but the mom of his hunting buddy had 4 cats (Lee says the are less than a year old, but they are not kittens. They looks almost full grown in the pics he sent me, so they are like adolescents I guess). And anyways, she had already spayed/neutered them, gotten them shots, and litter trained it seemed perfect for us. I picked out the two I thought were the cutest from Lee's phone pics ....a boy and girl pair. The girls have named them Kovu and Kiara (like from The Lion King 2 movie haha).

Today we went shopping for all our cat supplies. When we got home the girls had to start playing with some of it! :-P

They can't get here soon enough either, because today we had a mouse scare! I heard a weird noise under the sink and saw what looked like some mouse poop....yikes! I'm terrified of mice. So I did what any mom would do----I sent Brielle to go investigate for me! LOL

Thumbs up, nothing ran out! :-P

So, anyone have good cat advice for a first timer? Do share!

ETA: No, to my knowledge they are not declawed. I've read that it's horrible, but everyone I talk to says it's necessary. But not sure you can even declaw cats as old as this--like 10 months old or so? Anyone out there successfully have indoor cats *with* claws?


  1. Cats are SO much easier than dogs! As much as I love our lab our cat is so much easier to deal with. No need for going out to pee, you can leave them with ample food and water for a few days without worry, it's a cake walk compared to dogs.
    If they're not already declawed I would urge having that done. (PETA and whomever else can go fly a kite on this subject). Our cat couldn't be declawed until 4 months and she shredded curtains, leather couches, bedspreads, etc.

  2. I saw your title...our family is growing and I instantly thought you were pregnant! haha! =) The girls are going to love the 2 cats i'm sure =) Emma loves our 2 cats, however they have taken a major backseat to her since Alyx arrived! hehe =)

  3. YAY fun!!! I love cats.....They definitely are much easier than dogs only thing that sucks is changing and cleaning the liter box

    make sure you have scratching posts for them. I like the scoop-able litter better because you can scoop up the pee and not change it as much

    we have 2 cats w claws and we have had no problems w them they do get Breanna every so often when she is playing w them but she is learning, I think its just personal preference on getting them declawed.

  4. Our cat was around before children so he kinda has an attitude and claws and uses them regularly on my furniture... to remind us of his status I guess. I would suggest having them declawed if they are going to be 100% indoor. I have heard the laser declawing is much better and easier on them but usually 2x as expensive. You can always try the claw covers they are not permanent but last a couple months at a time you can get them at almost any pet supply store. I haven't tried them but my cat is 5 and I think he is too old to try and adjust to new things... not to mention big (20-25lbs yes he out weighs my dog by almost 10lbs) haha. Oh a covered litter box is a must (keeps litter in the box when they are covering their business) just watch them close if they aren't used to it because Oliver woundn't go in his at first with the little swinging door so you might want to take that off if it has it.

  5. Rylee would be JEALOUS! She wants a cat so badly! If Joe and I weren't allergic, I would maybe consider it for the fact that they kill mice! Keep us posted! :)

  6. Aw, congrats!!!! How exciting for a new member of the family. :)

  7. Okay, you fooled me - totally thought you were prego!!! Yay for your new pets - can't wait to see how the girls do with them :)

  8. how fun. congrats on the new additons

  9. Please only declaw as a last resort. I adopted my last two cats who were around 5 years old and they had their claws but were really good about using their scratching post. I did have to put clear packing tape on the corner of the couch my cat liked and that took care of that problem.


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