Friday, November 22, 2013

Our plans for Elf on the Shelf --and a Santa update

First off, this week is almost over THANK GOD, because this single parent stuff kinda sucks and I can't wait for Lee to get back from hunting on Sunday! I mean, I've even had to give *baths* this week, one of my most hated tasks haha....that is Daddy's job! ;-)

Moving on....our Elf Twinkle will be returning the day after Thanksgiving so I thought I'd share some plans, in case others are wondering what to do with theirs and need some ideas.

Twinkle is returning with a North Pole Breakfast. I bought some Santa plates, cups, and table decorations. I am going to pick up powdered sugar donuts and I have little xmas toothpick decorations to stick in them. Twinkle is going to be sitting on the table with her book and also with two cuddly elf dolls.  This year I think Brielle is old enough to not touch Twinkle, so I'll have more options of where to put her which is good. But as a reminder Twinkle is going to bring a note telling the girls that the elf dolls are theirs to play with and cuddle when they feel like they wish they could touch Twinkle. Hopefully they will like the dolls and leave Twinkle alone! ;-)

Then I of course have many ideas of place to hide Twinkle and funny little things to do. But I also bought some "gifts" that the girls will be getting from Twinkle as well.

One day Twinkle will bring this Elf on the Shelf Movie

Another day she will bring this coloring book, and will have colored a picture in it during the night :-P

Another night she is going to dress up their dolls in new holiday dresses. The exact dresses I got are no longer listed, but here is the shop I ordered's pretty cheap and the dresses were *really* well made! I got the bitty baby ones, which fit any doll that size....we don't actually have Bitty Babies.

The girls are so excited for Twinkle to come back....I'm looking forward to it this year!!


In other news, I ordered the girls' big Santa present and since I posted about my dilemma awhile back I thought I'd update that I did NOT get the talking Twilight Sparkle my little pony toy like they want. I just know them, and I know they will not play with it that much so I am overruling them ....I know, I'm mean!

I hope they forget about that though when they see what I got them! I got them this stable from Target....the one featured in this review HERE 

Then I ordered them two full size 20inch horses and one pony ....not the exact ones in the review above though....I got the horses from Target too. They are so cool and *huge*....they came in the mail already and I think the girls will love them. Horse 1, Horse 2, Pony.

And lastly, I got them each a doll. Personally I don't care for American Girl dolls that much...I don't really like their faces. And I think the Target knockoffs have really creepy faces lol. My favorite American Girl knock off dolls are the Walmart ones! I got Raya this blonde doll, and Brielle this brunette doll .....I "played" with them when the girls went to bed to make sure they were as nice as they looked, and they are! So pretty. Target and Walmart both have tons of fun accessories and stuff for them too. Etsy has the best clothes (I ordered Raya's doll some Hello Kitty footie pjs and Brielle's some Dora footie pjs, off of Etsy hehe).

So here's to hoping mom made the right decision and that Santa is still loved come Christmas morning! If not I guess I will just have to play with it all ;-)

Have a great weekend everyone!! I'll be back on Monday with a post to introduce our new cats Kovu and Kiara!


  1. I totally hate giving baths, too! When Matt works late, B doesn't get a bath and S gets a shower (because our shower is huge and has a seat so I can sit in it, so lazy!).

    I love the Christmas ideas!! I need to a) find our elf and b) think of some stuff for him to do. He didn't come out last year bc Mommy had morning sickness.

    I'm thinking about getting S a doll, too! I am thinking about the Madame Alexander dolls, just based on some Amazon searching. I think your girls will love that stuff!!

  2. Ohhh, I am getting excited about Elf on the Shelf, too! I think this year I will have him come the day after Thanksgiving, too! I want to make a muffin pan advent calendar for the kids, too... I need to get my cricut out so I can start on that soon!! I just saw the Wal-Mart dolls today, the clothes are really affordable and the shoes. My daughter does have an AG doll, but I got her a wardrobe thingy for her doll and she loves to hang up the clothes, put the shoes in there, etc. She loves to just change her dolls outfit or set out clothes for the next day... it is totally her thing right now. So, I love that the Wal-mart clothes are so much cheaper then the AG clothes AND they still fit her doll! yeah!

  3. We follow the same bath time rule in this house: it's dad's chore!
    I cannot freaking wait until M is a little older and understands Elf on a Shelf! I've got all sorts of fun ideas stashed away. :)


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