Thursday, November 14, 2013

Things I'm horrible at...

I like to think I have many talents. I played the piano and flute growing up, was somewhat successful at speech, was fairly intelligent and #4 in my class, taught myself to crochet and sew as well as take pictures, etc. Props to me, I am awesome ;-)


there are many things I'm horrible at. Here are just a few:

1) Drawing. Seriously, I can't even draw a stick figure without labeling it. You might think I'm a good artist based on my sewing, but I trace everything. Raya can already draw better than me.

2) Handwriting. Growing up my report card would all "S's" with an NI (needs improvement) in handwriting. Thank goodness for the invention of the computer and typing.

3) Cleaning. My mom is a clean freak. It's been years since she dusted her house and actually found dust particles on her rag :-P I on the other hand, just don't really care! I try to keep the house picked up, and I'm someone who wouldn't dream of having company over to a messy house so Lee and I panic clean before people come over hehe....but if you took a dust rag to something in my house right this second you'd find plenty of dust particles lol

4) Driving. Now actually, I've never been in an accident and I'm a "good" driver for everyday travel. However I literally can't drive in the dark. After about 15 minutes my eyes start going crazy, I feel like I'm going to fall asleep, I think there are deer about to jump out everywhere....I hate it! I also can't drive in big cities. Tollways? yikes. More than 3 lanes? Kill me please. Sense of direction? Don't have one.

5) Meal Planning. I don't do it. Therefore we eat the same things over and over because around 5:30pm when everyone is hungry is when I think about what's for dinner. Oops.

6) Eating health Food. I'm going to die happy, with my artificial sweeteners, red meat, and non organic foods. If it tastes good, and it's legal to sell, I'll probably eat it :-)

7) Being outdoorsy. I have a small window of temperature during which I'm comfortable. From about 68-78 degrees I'm outdoorsy. Any variance from that and I'm pretty miserable haha. I have also fainted numerous times from being too hot outdoors.

8) Remembering birthday/anniversaries/etc. Sorry, if Facebook doesn't remind me then it's probably safe to assume I forgot!

9) Dressing myself. I can put together outfits quite well theory. Give me another person to dress and I'm a rockstar. Dressing myself however? I think it all looks horrible on me :-P So when I was working I wore boring black pants and a top every day. My current wardrobe is jeans and a sweatshirt on most days.

10) Telling the girls "no". They are completely spoiled...I will admit that. My goal is to not spoil them "rotten" and I'm pretty sure that if they started being brats I would definitely address it. But when they are adorable and sweet and Brielle says "pitty peas Mama, I wuv you!" then she gets anything she wants :-P

Case and point, our trip to town yesterday....lunch, a cookie, the Children's Museum, a carousel ride, *and* Princess Twilight Sparkle---with tutus, crowns, and wands---from Build-a-bear. If they stick me in some crappy nursing home in my old age I will come back to haunt them---they better remember this! ;-)


  1. 6 & 7! YES! Especially 6. I tried going "sugar free" and it just isn't possible. I love chocolate too much. I love red meat too. Too funny.

  2. This is so funny!

    And I love the pony dolls. Whenever my dad told me "no" or was "mean" growing up, I told him he was getting the dumpster view at the retirement home, and mom was getting an ocean view. He still laughs about it.

  3. Hahaha I love this! I spoil my kids, too... don't tell anyone that, tho!

  4. #6 and #7. AMEN. Soul sisters. We can eat our processed snacks together indoors ;)

    Abigail wanted that Princess Twilight Sparkle when we were at BAB in August. My parents are going to take her for her Christmas present next month...I'm very curious to see if she finally gets it ;)

  5. The driving had me cracking up! My sense of direction is nonexistent. If we're going straight then we're going north…. We're always going north according to me. :)


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