Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday-- Hand-me-down love

Linking up for another Trendy Tot Tuesday with Kelly, Lindsay, and Megan!

One of many things I love about having kids of the same gender is hand-me-downs lol. It is so much fun pulling out clothes that Raya wore and seeing them on Brielle! Lately Brielle has been wearing some of Raya's Naartjie hand-me-downs....these were actually the very first outfits I ever purchase from Naartjie!

Raya on the left, Brielle on the right---they look so much alike here! I haven't measured Brielle lately, but I feel like she must have had a growth spurt, because these are 3T outfits and she was swimming in 2T just a few months ago.

And then I don't have an individual pic of this dress for Brielle, but she's wearing this hand-me-down today

And here is Raya wearing the same dress:

Speaking of Miss Raya, she strikes this ballerina pose all the time for pics now...she thinks she's hot stuff! And then she says, "Was that an adorable picture?" haha

And lastly in fashion news, I think I may have finally found the secret to saving my sanity!! Raya's sensory issues with "bottoms" has been driving me insane. She acted like she was going to wear jeans this fall so I bought quite a few tops to go with them, and then like a light switch she started freaking out about everything on her bottom half...grrr. She'll only wear loose leggings pretty much...and leggings are NOT pants :-P

So anyways, the other day I found this jean skirt at Old Navy...I got a size *7* ...for my 4 year old lol....so that it would be nice and loose. I adjusted the waist in some so that it wouldn't fall off, and luckily it runs like a mini skirt so even sizing up to a 7 it was an ok length.

SHE LOVED IT. No tears, and we were able to wear a shirt that was otherwise sitting in her closet unworn and jean-less haha.

So now I think I better go back and get the same skirt in the lighter color, and some more leggings....and fingers crossed my child will stop tantruming every day when it's time to get dressed, while still remaining clothed and not naked from the waist down like is her preference :-P


  1. I love seeing them in the same outfit!!! I still have a lot of old clothes from both of my kids, because I haven't decided if I want a third yet. lol.

  2. Wow, they do look alike! Both absolutely adorable!!!!!


  3. The girls look so much alike in that first outfit! They are even making the same face, ha ha!

  4. I love the "crinkle" smile both girls are sporting in the first side-by-side!

  5. I love that the girl can pose and is even so impressed with herself. hysterical!

  6. The first outfit picture is awesome, they have the same little smile and everything!!! So glad that she is liking the skirt and leggings! I bought Emma "jean" leggings. Osh gosh has some really cute ones that work well for use simply because Emma's waist is so hard to fit with regular jeans…. You may be against them, but thought I'd share.

    1. I love jeggings! However they send Raya over the edge lol...she swears they are scratchy and tight, no matter how soft they are :-o

  7. Emma has the same Old Navy skirt =) And now I think she will wear it to school tomorrow! haha
    My niece refuses to wear jeans as well. So she basically lives in leggings too. I bought Emma a pair of skinny jeans from Gap, she loves them, and they are really soft and have an elastic waist. Emma doesn't even realize they are jeans! haha :)

  8. Adorable! Savanna is obsessed with all of her Naartjie clothes because they are so comfy, so ours are hardly in "hand me down" condition. I tried to throw one pair of pants away and she dragged them back out!

  9. Your girls are gorgeous on their outfit! I am a stay at home mom too and hand me down clothes for my girls is one of my frugal way on saving.


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