Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013--Recap

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas! The girls are at such a fun age right now. I seriously had trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve because I was so excited for them to wake up and open their gifts! lol. And as always, sad we now have to wait a whole year to do it again, but that's what makes it exciting I guess---only happens once a year! :-)

On Christmas Eve we went to my parents' house to celebrate with my immediate family. (We celebrate with Lees family in January, when his brother's family is visiting.)

Here are pictures from Christmas Eve--my parents spoil the grandkids, but they are always so in love with everything they get!

This year's haul
Here was their pic from last year!! :-)

This year again...the wall of presents was neverending! haha (Brielle was pouting about being left out of the pileup :-P)

Harpers babysitter ordered monogram shirts from me to give to all her daycare that's the shirt Harper is wearing. Her daycare provider made the tutu I think.

We got Sawyer a Playmobil dollhouse that he really wanted

We got Harper a bunch of Barbie stuff and a couple cat shirts from Naartjie

Sawyer and Harper gave the girls a bunch of Lego Friends sets

My mom gave all the girls Adora dolls---the girls loved them and the "fancy" dresses! Sawyer got a horse dissection model, which Lee actually gave to our girls on Christmas as well.

(When Raya opened up her doll she said "I've been wanting this for YEARS!" haha)

This is one of MANY gifts my mom won at a silent auction benefit a couple months back. Not knowing how silent auctions work she ended up winning lots and lots of auctions haha. Sawyer had been with her when she bid and this was one thing he wanted her to win---she did! So she gave it to him for Christmas (His mom hates it haha)

My mom found a box of Barbies secondhand....lots of cute ones, including a Native American with a little papoose baby on her back! The favorite of the girls' by far of course was the pink princess hehe

Waiting for Grandma to pass out more!

Sawyer and his ornament, since he rides the school bus now

The girls got these wooden bunkbeds for their dolls which are really cool....and HUGE haha

They also got double strollers and carseats. This is a Joovy brand and it's really nice and really big! No joke, the carseat base has a real metal latch system to install in your car haha


Sawyer's big gift was this trick even shoot sparks!

Back at home we made room for all the new stuff. There is often a traffic jam in our hallway now from the giant strollers passing by :-P

They also got this wooden table and chairs for their dolls

After putting away gifts we made sugar cookies for Santa!

Oh, side note, this was an early xmas present from Lee...a new wall display for our hallway! I put all black and white pictures in it :-)

And then after the girls went to bed it was time for Santa! I was so nervous haha...I kept thinking I heard them wake up! Finally though I carefully got all the gifts out by the tree :-)

The Santa gifts are unwrapped at our house and the wrapped ones are from mom and dad. Lee and I don't really exchange gifts, but we did put stuff in our stockings this year because the girls asked last year why Santa didn't bring us anything! haha.

The big santa gift was the American girl (knockoff) stuff.

And since Brielle kept telling everyone she was getting a unicorn for Christmas Lee had to run out last minute and get one! haha.

The alien baby thing and the wooden Barbie furniture were in my hope chest from when I was little, so I pulled them out for this year to give the girls.  (The girls HATED the alien baby...that was the only gift they didn't like! haha)

The girls woke up right at 6am and ran out to see what Santa brought! The first thing they ran to were the unicorns haha...good thing Santa came through on those! ;-) They quickly found their way to the stable and doll stuff and it was a big hit.

Running to see if Santa came!


Checking out all the goodies

I ordered these backpacks on Etsy...they are so cute and well made!

This was mine when I was little---my Godfather made it. They love it since I iron all the time for my sewing business

Santa brought the kitties stockings too!

Back to the dolls

They got too many gifts---they may not have been good all year, but they were *cute* all year! hehe. Here is a sampling of their stuff:

The princess and Dora sheet were a surprise hit...they wanted them on their beds right away!

Some new items for their wooden dollhouse---a car, family, and pets

Remember the weird walking doll gag gift my mom got at Christmas earlier this month, that the girls all loved? I found the same one for $10 so I got them for the girls haha. Ugly, but they like them :-P

They got a new lalaloopsy house and I finally found some furniture---a kitchen, table, vanity, etc. Very cute!

M&Ms in her stocking! She was so funny, she'd keep saying "I've always wanted this!"

Gifts for the puppies

Dress up shoes that light up

Lee bought the girls unicorn necklaces...I didn't even know he had done that, good job Daddy!

After all the presents were open then began all the playing!

I put together the Lego Friends stuff---I love building the legos, these girlie ones are so fun!

Funny story--So the girls have been playing dolls nonstop since Christmas and always want me to play, but then fight over which one has to share their doll with me. So since my birthday is next month I told them that their gift to me could be my own doll to play. They LOVED this idea. So yesterday while they were at Grandmas I picked up a doll for myself to surprise them. When they came home I thought Raya would be super excited....instead she started BAWLING uncontrollably. Lee and I just sat there staring at her like WTH?! haha. Finally she calmed down and said "when my eyes saw your doll they just started crying, I couldn't stop! Because your doll's dress is so much more beautiful than mine!" LOL. I said "do you want to switch clothes then?" and after we switched then all was right with the world

 The best part is that this morning she dressed herself to "match" her doll and had me braid her and her dolls hair to match. What a character. (By the way, she's been holding my doll hostage all morning---that little thief! )

Brielle is ready for Lee's parents to come today!

So that is that---Christmas 2013 is in the books!! :-)


  1. Wow... you are def. in girl land over there! I LOVE that Lego Friends house, ohhh that would be a good idea for a future gift for Autumn! Autumn got the bunk bed, too from my brother! She LOVES it and it is huge!

  2. What a great haul of gifts!!! Makes me not feel so bad about all the stuff I got Emma!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Dolls, dolls and more dolls...girls are so much fun!

  4. What a great Christmas! S got a knockoff AG too, but I'm not as impressed with the one Santa brought her. I'm going to have to try to find one of these!


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