Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Card

Guess I lied when I said I was taking a blogging break, since I posted the last two days lol.

We didn't send out cards this year....partially b/c I got behind with my broken foot, and by the time that settled down I felt it was getting late to make them and send them out.....and partially because I feel like 90% of the people I send cards too see pictures of my girls online constantly, so waiting for our holiday card isn't exactly necessary haha.

So tonight I snapped a couple quick pics of the girls, through them into a template I "borrowed" online, and made a limited edition online only holiday greeting for you all...enjoy!

I apologize it's a little blurry since I had to do some creative copying from the greeting card page lol. Next year I want to do *nice* tree photos, but first I need to buy white lights for our tree! We had to make due with this tiny little tree for now.


  1. Love it! We didn't get cards out either. I am debating doing New Years ones or not.

  2. These turned out great!
    You'll have to share how you "borrowed" the template. I think we need to go this route next year.


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