Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Party---23rd

We do my dad's side of the family on the 23rd every year. This year my aunt brought my Grandma over from the nursing home for a short while, and we made sure to get some pics with her before she left!

We did not plan on being a little plaid couple haha...oops

My brother always plays guitar and leads the family in singing Christmas Carols

And my parents...

And lots more family!!

And here is a better look at the girls' festive holiday wear :-)

Gymboree Penguins with Target tights

Naartjie dress and leggings set

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve---going to my parents' house for our immediate family party/gift exchange---yippee! :-)


  1. How very special and sweet to spend time with your grandma. She surely loved every minute.

  2. Merry Christmas to you blog friend!!!

  3. This is so sweet! Glad you shared a close up of the girls' outfits. I would have missed all that adorable-ness! So cute!


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