Sunday, December 15, 2013

Clothes, clothes, clothes!

Just a heads up to everyone that the girls' clothing resale page will start hopping here soon :-) I have listed some cute Gap and Gymboree embroidered jean sets today as I start to weed through Brielle's closet....we seriously have too much, I can't even see her stuff to find the things she needs to wear! lol. So some of this must go :-P  I will be listing all of her best, most adorable name brand items from this past *summer* as well, starting after Christmas. (Summer stuff will be mostly sizes 24m/2T ....the fall/winter items I added today were mostly 2T).

So if interested go "like" their resale page and you may find a must have in the future :-) Payment can be made using Paypal, just like any of the other resale boards on Facebook.

And speaking of clothes, I am behind in posting some of the girls' outfits---I am forgetting to take pics every day, oops! Here are a few though:

Naartjie--our Black Friday order. I buy a little big to get 2 years out of Naartjie. This one has a hood too :-)



Dress-up LOL

Gymboree---this didn't photograph well, but it's so cute! Has pink snowflakes, etc.

She was GRUMPY. But this is Tea, from our Black Friday order.
Happy last-full-week-before-Christmas! :-)


  1. I love that grey outfit Raya is wearing. I'll have to check out your FB page, maybe I'll find some cute things for Miss Kendall for summer

  2. Im so excited you are selling some of the girls stuff!!! And I love thr blue gymbo dress brielle is wearing it looks adorable on her!!

  3. If I had a girl I'd be buying your stuff left and right! If only we knew we were going to have a girl someday!

  4. cute!! I love the Gymboree outfit on Brielle - so sweet.

  5. I love the one of Brielle holding the cat! How is everyone adjusting?


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