Friday, December 6, 2013

Finally Friday!

First off, last night Raya had a little dance showcase for our town's Christmas "Magical Night" downtown. Another mom snapped this picture and I thought it was so cute...the girl in the middle is Raya's BFF from preschool and on the left is the younger sister of Sawyer's "girlfriend" ...her older sister will be in Raya's grade next year.

Aren't they cute?

Next, I had a followup for my broken foot yesterday. The bone has moved more :-( Not enough yet that they would do surgery, but I'm supposed to stay off it, and not even walk in the boot. They said I could hobble in the boot, only putting my heel down, or use crutches. Just great. And yeah, they said *at least* 6 weeks of the boot now.

Luckily the girls were already set to go to the inlaws for a 3 day weekend, so I shipped them off last night lol. Plan to get the last of my sewing done this weekend, and I'm tagging along with my parents to a Christmas party on Sunday.

In honor of my girls being gone for a few days I thought I'd share this video that a friend posted on facebook this morning....made me laugh, so true!

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  1. Super cute picture!

    I can't believe the situation with your foot; I'm sorry! They are asking you to do the almost impossible as a mom!


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