Monday, December 2, 2013

Finding the perfect tree --- Christmas 2013

The day after Thanksgiving we went and found this year's "perfect" tree. And of course, what good is going to the tree farm if you aren't going to take pics!?! :-)

On the hunt!
Still looking!

I take a picture of Lee walking with the girls each year too :-)

Here was last year:

We found our tree!

Two thumbs up!

This was our tree last year

Back to this year----cutting it down!

Watching Daddy drag it to the front!

Watching them shake and bale it

My little toothless wonder :-P

Not a more perfect face in the world, pretty certain :-)

We got it home!

Putting on the ornaments! She loved finding ones with her picture

All done!


  1. What wonderful memories you're making with those girls. The Christmas tree farm looks like such fun. And, as usual you snapped such amazing photos! I'm DYING to do the same, but Scott is so anti-real tree it isn't even fair.

  2. Love the 'missions' and all the pics! We just went Sat to pick out ours (post coming in a couple days!)

  3. Your pictures are so gorgeous! Too bad I couldn't have you following us around in our life to capture everything so beautifully! ;)

    1. haha...thanks! How creepy would I be if I really did that!? ;-)

  4. I love the tradition of cutting down your Christmas tree!! I really wanted to do it this year with the kids but we couldn't wait and ended up picking one up at Lowes. Next year, I must do so next year!!! Great pictures! :0)

  5. Oh how cute that they find a tree their size! Adorable.


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