Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gingerbread house building! And more backdrop testing :-)

I'm a posting machine lately! That's what happens I guess when I'm stuck at home not driving :-P

Yesterday Brielle tested the last two new backdrops I had gotten....let me just say, I love that I've gotten into photography because it helps to justify (sorta) the insane wardrobe the girls have---I can always find the perfect ensemble to test out a backdrop! ;-)

Here is one of my favs---love the backdrop and love the Naartjie furry vest that I scored for a couple bucks on black Friday ;-)

And then I already had this backdrop in tan, but I got it in pink too :-) Her vest is Gymboree...the hood is hiding bedhead :-P

Are we done yet?!

And now some pics I took a few days ago of the girls decorating their very *first* gingerbread house! It was a lot of fun---so glad Twinkle our Elf brought them the supplies! ;-)

Also, don't miss my update from last night either---happy hump day everyone! :-)


  1. aww brielle is so cute and photogenic! i swear reading your blog makes me want a baby girl so bad! :)

  2. Adorable photos, love that furry vest and hat!

  3. I love her in that pink, she looks adorable.
    We did a gingerbread house with the girls this year too.

  4. Could your children get any cuter???!! Sooo beautiful!!! =)

  5. Our elf just picked ups gingerbread house today. So he will have to give that to them soon. 😉 Love all those pictures! I'm a big fan of pink.

  6. aw their houses turned out cute and delicious ;) I love the big polkadot back splash!


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