Friday, December 13, 2013

January is going to be painful

So, starting January 1st I'm beginning a new diet.

**Good news, this has nothing to do with losing weight. I don't have to count calories or anything like that! I am trying a diet to control my rheumatoid arthritis. For years people have suggested I try a dairy free diet, among other things, to control my rheumatoid arthritis. There is a lot of research to support this, as people with a certain type of dairy allergy, etc. can have problem with inflammatory disease, etc. Long story short, many people have tried diets like this and ended up no long needing meds! This would be awesome, as I am on a ton of meds and they all have really bad possible side effects, in addition to being expensive.

I am going to model my diet after this article

Basically no dairy AT ALL. And no eggs. And eating lots of fish and no red meat.

Problem? I LOVE dairy and I HATE fish!


This month I've just been preparing and trying some new things. So far I've discovered breakfast will be easy. I like vanilla almond milk I've discovered, so I have that on my cereal and we are good to go. I eat cereal every morning anyways.

For lunch I can obviously do salads (no cheese) and I have found some soups that I like and work.

For supper we've been trying more fish and I actually discovered I like rainbow trout, cod, halibut, etc. Lee and I both continue to hate salmon.

So, does anyone have suggestions for me to try? Favorite fish recipes (without any diary or eggs)?
Any awesome dairy alternatives? Let me know!

(And I am by no means jumping on the health food wagon hard core. I am just doing this to see if it helps my arthritis. No interested in drinking weird spinach shakes or anything like that LOL. Fingers crossed I survive January!) :-)


  1. I don't really like fish either but I have found that I like tilapia. good luck on your new diet

  2. Good luck on your new diet, I hope it helps

  3. Do you like shrimp? I have a good shrimp creole recipe!!

  4. Good luck :) I'm going for healthier in the new year to....but mostly to lose some baby weight haha. Do you like shrimp or crab? Personally I love fish, and my husband hates it. I don't have any great recipes off hand, but check out pinterest. I really hope that works for you, that would be awesome to get off medication!

  5. I do not like fish either including salmon. I do however like salmon patties. Have you ever tried those? At the store by the tuna in a little pink pouch is prepackaged tuna. There are small pouches and bigger ones. If you try to make this I woul suggest 3 small or 2big. You will also need 2 cans of tuna. To make- empty salmon in bowl, drain tuna and add to salmon. Then crunch up saltine crackers in bowl as well. Approx 1 pkg. mix together by hand. In a skillet heat up oil to fry the patties. Make patties out of salmon mixture like you would hamburger patties. Fry each side til golden. Best served with peas (just my opinion) lots of people put ketchup on their salmon patties. Personally I think that's gross. Like I said I despise fish of ANY kind but I love these. Let me know if you try these!!

  6. ^^***should say prepackaged salmon!!


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