Friday, December 20, 2013

Raya's ballet movie :-)

Checking in quick today---Raya's end of the year holiday party today was cancelled due to our ice we had a party at home instead! She dressed herself in a "party dress", we sang and danced to Christmas carols, made ornaments, had a popcorn and hot chocolate party, and watched a holiday movie. She declared it better than if she'd had the school party---so glad! What I wasn't glad about was that I spent 90% of my day dancing---in a boot with a broken foot haha. Graceful.

Here is a movie of Raya doing her favorite dance...she calls it ballet. I call it some sort of strange interpretive dance lol. Too funny!


  1. I love the video! Haha! Her dancing with her eyes closed is too cute. :-)

  2. Her eyes closed, the WHOLE TIME! HA!!
    And, love how she held her dress the entire time. LOL!!


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