Friday, January 31, 2014

Solution for diva's who won't nap

Yay, fun mail day! Got a bunch of *gorgeous* new wraps to use on my adorable baby clients in the future-- but since I have no babies handy today I discovered they also work well for silencing 3 year old divas who choose to boycott quiet time! ;-)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ultimate Drama Queen

I joined some resale pages on Facebook recently for "upcycles" (tshirts turned into dresses, etc), and saw this one posted for sale a couple weeks ago. Ultimate Drama Queen--and in Brielle's size. Clearly it was meant to be ;-)

Hope Grandma Donna got a kick out of her drama queen antics today lol....I have enjoyed my relaxing kid free afternoon :-P

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Month 1 in the books! Sister Saturday project

Forgot to post week 4 of sister Saturday are the photos from month 1!  My how they've grown hehe :-)

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Had a great girl's day today---lots of people thought I was mom to 3 adorable girls (to which my girls kept saying "Harper doesn't live with us, she's not ours!" haha). Brielle though stole the show in her now signature blue boots :-P

(Glad we got out of the house today too, because this was them before we left----hyper!)

For your information....

How tired I am is directly correlated to how much of a hot mess Brielle's pigtails look :-P

Luckily Raya can fend for herself---she puts in a clippie and she's good to go haha (And yes, we had a blizzard and Raya was wearing a summer dress. She's in a sleeveless stage :-P)

Today Raya's preschool was cancelled for the 2nd day in a row. She already had tomorrow off for an inservice, so that's 3 days in a row. Needless to say I'm taking the girls (including cousin Harper) into town for a girls day today. I don't care how cold it is, we are getting out of this house! :-P 

Happy Tuesday everyone :-)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dancing to "Let it Go" from Frozen

I swear they are the cutest dancers I've ever seen :-P    (Don't miss my earlier update from the farm)

Belated Christmas on the farm

Yesterday Lee's brother and family were back from Ohio so we celebrated a belated Christmas on his side of the family!

While we were there the kids got to feed a baby cow, who's mom wouldn't feed it for whatever reason. They had lots of fun despite the cold, and it made for a good photo op!

Notice how Brielle had the *perfect* boots for doing chores in the cow barn ;-)

Cousin Ryan doesn't sit still for my pictures lol. He's gotten so big since we last saw him over Labor Day. He's about an inch taller and many pounds heavier than Brielle now hehe

The entire H family---the timer on the camera puts my girls in a trance haha

They are impossible to get to pose together haha---the best I could do!

Brielle loved all the unicorns in the play castle they gave her for her birthday

Random present opening picture!

More pictures to come another day :-)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brielle's belated 3 year update!

Sorry Brielle, being the second child is good in many ways. For instance, we make a bunch of mistake with Raya (shhh, don't tell!) and we fix them by the time we get to you! But being the second child is also bad in a few ways---like how I took your monthly pictures all the way until 11 months, but never did get around to that 12 month photo haha....and how I stayed up to date on Raya's yearly updates, but am getting around to yours 11 days late (oops). Hopefully it's not something you're still talking about in therapy years down the road ;-)

So here it is---everything you wanted to know about 3 year old Brielle!

First, the basics--how big (or not!) is she :-)

Well, I have your records here and at age 1 you were almost 20lbs and 28inches tall. At age 2 you were almost 32 inches tall and 24lbs (seriously, I can gain 4 lbs eating a sandwhich---you gained that in one year? haha). And now at age 3 you are a grand total of 34.75 inches tall (8th%ile) and 29 lbs (39th%ile). My little peanut!

For talking, well, you never shut up---and you can be quite a little sassy pants! I would say that at least 90-95% of what you say is understandable. Every once in awhile Raya has to translate for you (she always knows what you are saying!) You LOVE to sing. You seem to prefer making up your own songs, or sometimes combining a few known songs together to create your own remix :-) You also love to dance and shake that little butt! You have started doing some stuttering like Raya, but yours still seems pretty typical for your age. We'll see if it sticks around as long as Raya's did.

For "academics", well, let's just say I don't typically do much with that haha. Raya has done fine and now at age 4 knows all of her letters/sounds/can write her name/ I'm going to assume you will do the same. You do love doing ABCmouse online and are interested in reading books and such. You don't really know any letters or sounds though...when guessing your favorite letters to guess are "E" and "H" haha. You do know all of your colors and shapes though! You are quite the little artist and are getting quite good at coloring in the lines of your coloring books.

Life skills---well, you can get dressed, put on your shoes, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, put your dishes in the sink, etc. etc. ....all the basic life skills I'd expect at this age you CAN do. Now do you actually do them regularly? Child, you are a *diva*....some days you insist on doing it "by myself!" and other days you insist "I a baby!" and need me to help with everything lol.

Favorites: You still like Dora but your obsession in general has moved to unicorns and rainbows haha. You love princesses and movies/shows with princesses. You also love shows and movies with cats and dogs. You and Raya currently love watching (and watching and watching!) The Aristocats. When get to pick out your clothes you like dresses and things that are pink, purple, or have flowers and other girlie items on them. For toys you love playing with the horses Santa brought you. You have also been into puzzles lately and like putting together the giant floor puzzles. Your favorite foods are goldfish crackers, toast, fish sticks, and M&Ms haha. You are a pretty picky eater right now and ever since you knocked out your front tooth you often complain about eating grilled cheese/peanut butter sandwiches, claim they get stuck in your teeth. You also love icecream! Your favorite books tend to be Barbie books (sooo annoying for me to read lol) and look-and-find books. Also anything with rainbows or unicorns.

Dislikes: Being told no, being told yes (if you have decided you wanted to be told no haha), putting on shoes and socks, sitting in timeout, sitting in your carseat (riding in the car in general is a nightmare for you), and having Raya take your toys.

Personality: You can be the absolute SWEETEST kid ever. Seriously, when you are good you are *good*. You like to "give me lovin'" and rub your nose all over my face, you love to snuggle and cuddle, you give the best hugs and tightest squeezes, and your little voice is no doubt the cutest thing ever. You often say "I love you sooo much Mama" and I've even grown to love your toothless (evil) grin. We can't go anywhere in public without people commenting on how adorable you are.


my oh my kid, you can also be the most SPRIRITED child ever. (I'm reading the book "Raising Your Spirited Child" and I'm pretty sure you are the poster child haha.) The books says we shouldn't use negative terms to define your "spirited" behavior, but let's just pretend I wasn't reading the book haha---you are often a diva, stubborn, moody, and a drama queen! Comparing you to Raya I can definitely see that although Raya was, at times, all of these things, she was definitely very "average" for a typical toddler/preschooler. You girlfriend, have raised the bar ! haha. You definitely score above-average on all of these things....but the book makes an awesome point about spirited children like yourself. Basically all of those characteristics are things we value in adults. Stubborn can also be described as being "committed to what you want" or "not letting others sway you from your goal"  .....and being a diva/drama queen can also be described as being "passionate" please know that we all LOVE you and your personality. We hope to see you become a very successful adult who is committed to her goals and passionate about what she wants in life :-)  (But seriously, could you just put your socks on when I tell you tomorrow? Thanks :-P)

Oh Brielle, you "spirited" little devil you :-P

I can't wait to see what this next year brings. So many exciting things will be happening! I can't wait for you to start preschool in the fall, start making little friends, and see you become a smart (and sassy) preschooler like your big sister. I hope that you and Raya continue to be best friends. I love your sibling relationship and am so proud of both of you.

So happy 3 years Miss Brielle---your BIG personality in a little body has been the perfect caboose to our family!!  (No really, I don't care how many people tell me we make adorable babies--your personality is baby #3,4,&5 all rolled into one---we're done ;-)

All sweetness again haha ---- love her

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Yesterday was my birthday---I'm (gulp) 32 years old! I was spoiled by Lee and my parents though so it was a fun birthday. My mom made me a birthday dinner complete with chocolate cake --and everything was dairy and egg free yet super yummy. Lee bought me a new tv and mounted it to the wall for me in my living room so that I could free up more floor space for playing. Love it.

Linking up for Trendy Tot Tuesday today ---yesterday my mom took the girls and I shopping for my birthday so the girls were looking quite stylish ;-)

Brielle was rocking some Gymboree "girls best friend" line...the boots are also Gymboree but a different line. Not a perfect match but pretty close

Raya was wearing Gymboree too. I bought this outfit with her during back-to-school shopping but she's never worn it. When we bought it there was a sliver of hope we were making progress with her anti-jean phase, but then she quickly went back to dresses only. I forced her to wear this yesterday and after a good 15 minutes of fussing she got over it and was fine all day.

Doesn't she look super comfortable? haha. :-P

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I had my first ever in-studio newborn today---what do you all think?! It was so so hard lol. I don't think newborns are my calling :-P But I don't think I did too bad considering I'm not an experienced baby whisperer hehe. I've done a couple newborns in the past for outdoor sessions, but indoors is quite a bit different. She peed on my props too! Naughty baby :-)

How cute was this little lady though?

The brown sack was Brielle's for *her* newborn photos!

"are you done yet lady?!"

Big sister!

I don't normally do families inside since my backdrops aren't very big, but we squeezed them in there pretty well :-P

Friday, January 17, 2014

Not my FB friend? Here's what you've missed!

I post *a lot* on Facebook--yes, I'm one of those people lol. So if you aren't my facebook friend here is what you've missed the last week or so! :-)

Brielle (and our cats) did a test shot for me before a client came over on Wednesday

I've posted some funny things my kids have said lately! Like:

Sorry for all these stories, but my kids crack me up! So today we had to stop for a train on the way to get Sawyer from preschool, and the train cars had a layer of snow on top on them. Suddenly Raya starts talking: "Mama, these are NOT coal cars, they have snow in them! I think they are taking snow to other places in the world where it's cold, but it hasn't snowed yet. So do you know what? This ...isn't a *coal* train, it's a *cold* train!" lol...I didn't have the heart to tell her the truth 

 Then after we get Sawyer we are driving home and I hear this:
Sawyer: "I love scorpions. Scorpions kill people."
Raya: "Well, I don't think that's very nice!"
Sawyer: "Why? They don't live around here at least!"
And this one:
Normally my girls wake up around 6am sharp and come wake me up. For some reason this morning they slept in, so when they woke up at 7 I was already awake and in the kitchen. They both immediately give me the stink eye and are MAD. Then Raya said, "Mama, you are never ever to get up before us! It just makes us and everything feel so weird!" Good to know haha

And this one from last Friday (her 2nd "big kid" gymnastics is today---wish us luck!):
O.M.G. Well, big kid gymnastics was a disaster today! lol. My stubborn child spent 45minutes with her arms crossed, a frown on her face, and telling her teacher "no" to pretty much all requests to participate lol. Hopefully seeing Raya eat all her cookies (since she hadn't earned them) was motivation enough to behave herself next week. Otherwise she may be demoted to the mommy and me class she was in before, and I do not want to do that again LOL
And I also post cute photo clients who come to my studio---like this little guy who I saw for his 6 month photos and he came back for his 9 month!
I loved this "pout" of his!
So now you are all up to date! My kids say hilarious stuff, Brielle is a naughty gymnast, and I am a rockstar photographer LOL ;-)  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Raya's Birthday Preview

For everyone whom Raya has gushed to about her upcoming (in May) wedding themed birthday party she's planning (her idea, no clue where this came from) you will be happy to see that today you are getting a little preview of the wedding of the century! I overheard Raya telling Sawyer that grooms must wear bow ties and girls must carry roses which Sawyer added that he was pretty sure grooms also wore hats. The end result is just too much, I'm dying over here lol

Don't worry, I fully intend to find them wedding outfits that are a little more coordinated for the actual birthday ceremony ;-)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday Ramblings, and Sister Saturday (a bit late!)

I slacked the last couple weeks on Trendy Tot Tuesday, but I'm linking up again this week!

First, this year you may remember I'm taking a pic of the girls together in the same spot every Saturday for "Sister Saturday" little 2014 photo project. Well, since this past Saturday was Brielle's 3rd birthday I forgot to post our pic! So here it is:

Week 2

(Raya is wearing the Matilda Jane "Penny Lap" dress...and Brielle is wearing Naartjie from last season.

Continuing with Trendy Tot Tuesday, here are a few more outfits I haven't posted here of the girls

Matching Naartjie dresses --they look so much alike when they smile haha

This is the same outfit Brielle was wearing in last night's post (her Birthday interview---check it out if you missed it!)'s Matilda Jane "Madison Lap" dress and "Marlin" ruffles.
Raya is wearing Tea Collection.

This is Naartjie that we got last year and it was way too big, fits better this year! She looks so grown up here :-(
And then how about some ballet fashion? Brielle had her very first ballet class on Friday. She's in Raya's class (it's for 3-5 year olds) and she looked so hilariously adorable in the class being the tiniest one hehe. Of course I had 3 adorable skirted leos for her to choose from and she hated them all---she chose a super pain leo of Raya's that was too big on her, but whatever! At least she did the class :-P
Raya was wearing a Target leotard.

And lastly to end my rambling fashion post haha, I have been selling off outgrown clothes like crazy lately! (In case you didn't know, the season for selling spring/summer clothes online starts in January!) I've also been thinning out some things that I'm bored of, etc. to make room for more. I'm trying to get the girls down to (slightly) smaller wardrobes full of things we absolutely love, rather than huge wardrobes full of things that are just OK. I've also realized that I never really put "play clothes" on the girls haha, so instead of spending money on Target/Old Navy/etc. play sets I'm just buying some used sets of the brands I really love and using those for play.

I'm also trying to limit myself to 4ish brands this season, to see if that helps me focus a little on a more manageable wardrobe. I've decided to do Matilda Jane and misc. boutique brands (mostly for going out and photography), NEXT (for a nicer every day stuff), and then I will shop Naartjie and Gymboree for more casual stuff.  I'm going (hopefully) to not even go look at Crazy 8, Target, Old Navy, Gap, etc. this season! It was really hard to narrow down my favorites, and I probably would have picked Gap instead of Gymboree if they did better sales and had a store near me :-P

I shop mostly used on Facebook for Matilda Jane and other boutique brands, and I've found that it ends up being so much cheaper than even Target usually! If you've never shopped those brands I'm sure you don't believe me haha, but it's true. I keep track of what I pay for those pieces when I buy them, and what I sell them for, and I break even or make money on almost everything from Matilda Jane and boutiques. I try to find dresses for under $30 and then I've been able to turn around and sell for the same price or even more sometimes, so I basically dress the girls for free! It's much easier to sell the boutique brands too---I can post an item and it's sold in a day, as opposed to selling Gymboree and taking much longer and having to lower prices, etc. etc.

So anyways, we still have a mish mash of buy aheads for this summer to deal with, but going forward this is my goal. Money wise it doesn't make much difference b/c I only use my "fun money" to shop for their clothes so I'm not wracking up cc bills or anything lol....but I would like to have less laundry to do  :-P

Anyone else start thinking about spring/summer wardrobes at all yet? :-)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Brielle's 3rd Birthday interview

I did a birthday interview with Raya on her 3rd birthday (but I think I forgot for her 4th maybe lol) anyways, I quick did one with Brielle tonight. Most of them were the same questions I had asked Raya at age 3.

What is your  favorite  color?    Purple         
What is your favorite TV show?   Paw Patrol                
What is your favorite  room in your house?  Our room            
Why is that room your favorite?    Because I love it             
Do you like princesses?   Yes, and mermaids         
Which is  your favorite princess?  The purple one!                  
What is  your  favorite  food?      Um, icicles      (WTH?! I swear I've never fed her one)                  
What  food  don't  you like?     Green beans                 
What is you favorite thing to drink?    Water                
If you could change  your  name, what would it be?   Brielle                
But if your name wasn't Brielle, what  would you pick?   Brielle Alyn H*******                

If  you had lots  of money, what  would you buy with it?   Pink horse with a magic wand                          
What's your favorite  book?     Dora book!              

What do you love  about Grandma and  Papa's house?           I love it            .
But what do you like to play at their  house?     Toys              
If you could do  anything all  day, what would it be?        The horse trailer (??)                            
Who's your best friend?    Mama! and Raya!                      
What's  your  favorite game?     The Lego game                      

What's  your favorite thing to wear?         Kitties                     
Which Kitty outfit? This!  (pointing to pjs)

Would you like a little brother or sister:  No!  (phew! Good. haha)
Why? Because ....I don't like babies! Only pretend babies. Not real babies, they don't talk.

If you could have another pet, what would you pick?  A white horse
What would you name it?  White Horse Unicorn

What will do at school next year?  Sing songs, um, read books

How old do you think mama is? Big!
How many years? I can't remember. You remember. (I'm 29....for eternity)

Why are you naughty sometimes? Because stinky butt, poopy butt! Okay?! *laughing*  (Lord help me!)

How did you knock out your tooth? I spin and I hurt my tooth and it fell off and hurt myself. And I land on my belly!
Did it hurt? no.
What did it feel like? Like a train. 

What's your favorite thing to do at the mall? Pick out a beautiful dress  (See Daddy, It's her favorite thing to do, that's why I need to buy her more clothes! ;-)
What else do you like to do at the mall? Play.

What is your favorite snack? chocolate cookies.

What did dream about last night? A unicorn
What did it do? Flied through the rainbow. It flied through with me. We were flying.
Was it a good dream? Yes!
What will you dream about tonight? A beautiful singing girl.
What will she sing? Merry Christmas until morning. Now that is all.   (ok, point taken. Interview over lol)