Sunday, January 26, 2014

Belated Christmas on the farm

Yesterday Lee's brother and family were back from Ohio so we celebrated a belated Christmas on his side of the family!

While we were there the kids got to feed a baby cow, who's mom wouldn't feed it for whatever reason. They had lots of fun despite the cold, and it made for a good photo op!

Notice how Brielle had the *perfect* boots for doing chores in the cow barn ;-)

Cousin Ryan doesn't sit still for my pictures lol. He's gotten so big since we last saw him over Labor Day. He's about an inch taller and many pounds heavier than Brielle now hehe

The entire H family---the timer on the camera puts my girls in a trance haha

They are impossible to get to pose together haha---the best I could do!

Brielle loved all the unicorns in the play castle they gave her for her birthday

Random present opening picture!

More pictures to come another day :-)


  1. Love the photos! Emma needs to love on a baby calf! My parents always had cows, but just too much work now! I love the outfits of course, I got a ton when they marked this year's winter stuff down! Woohoo!
    You and your brother look a lot alike!!! Brielle's boots were the perfect "poop" kickers needed for any fashionista at the farm! HA

    1. Actually that is my husband's brother hehe---but I agree, I can see where you'd say that! This was my husband's side of the family :-)

      Naartjie had some good sales recently---glad you got some!

  2. Cute!! I'm still laughing about Brielle's boots! They are adorable though =) And I got a ton of stuff at Gymboree =) Mostly stuff for next season for Alyx...I'm sure Emma will be mad that I bought more for Alyx. Haha

  3. That would be funny if you were Shawn's sister. Your parents wouldn't have been original with your names :).

  4. Looks like the ladies had a great time on the farm. What is it about feeding baby animals that is so captivating (for parents and kids alike)?!


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