Monday, January 13, 2014

Brielle's 3rd Birthday interview

I did a birthday interview with Raya on her 3rd birthday (but I think I forgot for her 4th maybe lol) anyways, I quick did one with Brielle tonight. Most of them were the same questions I had asked Raya at age 3.

What is your  favorite  color?    Purple         
What is your favorite TV show?   Paw Patrol                
What is your favorite  room in your house?  Our room            
Why is that room your favorite?    Because I love it             
Do you like princesses?   Yes, and mermaids         
Which is  your favorite princess?  The purple one!                  
What is  your  favorite  food?      Um, icicles      (WTH?! I swear I've never fed her one)                  
What  food  don't  you like?     Green beans                 
What is you favorite thing to drink?    Water                
If you could change  your  name, what would it be?   Brielle                
But if your name wasn't Brielle, what  would you pick?   Brielle Alyn H*******                

If  you had lots  of money, what  would you buy with it?   Pink horse with a magic wand                          
What's your favorite  book?     Dora book!              

What do you love  about Grandma and  Papa's house?           I love it            .
But what do you like to play at their  house?     Toys              
If you could do  anything all  day, what would it be?        The horse trailer (??)                            
Who's your best friend?    Mama! and Raya!                      
What's  your  favorite game?     The Lego game                      

What's  your favorite thing to wear?         Kitties                     
Which Kitty outfit? This!  (pointing to pjs)

Would you like a little brother or sister:  No!  (phew! Good. haha)
Why? Because ....I don't like babies! Only pretend babies. Not real babies, they don't talk.

If you could have another pet, what would you pick?  A white horse
What would you name it?  White Horse Unicorn

What will do at school next year?  Sing songs, um, read books

How old do you think mama is? Big!
How many years? I can't remember. You remember. (I'm 29....for eternity)

Why are you naughty sometimes? Because stinky butt, poopy butt! Okay?! *laughing*  (Lord help me!)

How did you knock out your tooth? I spin and I hurt my tooth and it fell off and hurt myself. And I land on my belly!
Did it hurt? no.
What did it feel like? Like a train. 

What's your favorite thing to do at the mall? Pick out a beautiful dress  (See Daddy, It's her favorite thing to do, that's why I need to buy her more clothes! ;-)
What else do you like to do at the mall? Play.

What is your favorite snack? chocolate cookies.

What did dream about last night? A unicorn
What did it do? Flied through the rainbow. It flied through with me. We were flying.
Was it a good dream? Yes!
What will you dream about tonight? A beautiful singing girl.
What will she sing? Merry Christmas until morning. Now that is all.   (ok, point taken. Interview over lol)


  1. This is so cute and hilarious. New follower, your girls are beautiful. Xo
    Nessa's World

  2. What a ham! I think my favorite answer was if Brielle could choose a different name… "Brielle" LOL!

  3. What a riot her answers are! She will have to read this when she's much older...and She will get a big kick out of it!!

  4. Hahaha! What a personality! In photos and interviews!! lol =D

  5. Haha, Autumn says 'the purple one!' too when I ask her what her which princess is her favorite.

  6. Adorable!! I'm going to have to try this with S in a few weeks!


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