Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brielle's Birthday Party!

We had a great party today, so much fun and lots of pictures to come!

For now I leave you with proof that I'm winning Coolest Mom of the Year ....check out my shirt, pure awesomeness lol

No competition --- I'm definitely winning the Mom of the Year award after Brielle's birthday party today when I sported this awesome My Little Pony shirt lol ;-) She had a great day and lots of fun at Jumpin' Janes with her cousins!


  1. That shirt is fantastic! Reminds me of the days we were young growing up! Can't wait to see more pictures from her big day!

  2. MY LITTLE PONY! You totally win Coolest Mom of the Year!!

  3. Coolest mom of the year!! LOL Too cute!!!

  4. HEHE Love the shirt, awesome mom award goes to you!


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