Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brielle's Party---the full scoop!

On Sunday we had a very small family party for Brielle---she was thrilled and it was a lot cheaper, and less work, then some of the other parties we've had so it was great for me :-) We had a birthday breakfast at our house, opened presents, age *vegan* cupcakes (thanks to my mom for making them so I could eat them, even on my dairy and egg free diet---they were yummy and everyone loved them!), and then we went to a nearby jump house place to play. (This Saturday is her *real* birthday and we got her a few little gifts to open then too, and we will probably go to lunch or something.)

Brielle chose a unicorn / Princess Twilight Sparkle (From My Little Pony) theme.

Brielle kept talking about her "friends" who came to her party lol...cousin Sawyer and Harper!

Someone was excited for presents!

My parents got her a horse stable, tractor set, and farm animals for her wooden doll house...very cute!

Thanks Papa!

Lee and I got her a birthday party set for her "American Girl" dolls

But the real winning gift was that I broke down and bought her this---the toy she wanted from Santa so badly haha. This $40 piece of plastic has made her so happy :-P

What did Uncle John pick out for her?

A Fur Real unicorn!

Hugs for Aunt Emily

Brielle was still so obsessed with the Twilight Sparkle toy though that Harper tested the Fur Real unicorn haha

Singing Happy Birthday!

Vegan cupcakes---yum!

Brielle had a wardrobe change before heading to the bounce house---her dress was too long to jump in

Lots of bounce house fun!

On the way home...one is out!

2nd one out!

3rd one out!

4th one is awake!

...now he's out :-P

Back at home, playing with the party set she got

What a great day!


  1. Your Mom looks like the sweetest Grandma ever! Love all of the party pics, especially love the theme!

  2. I bet she had the best birthday!! I love all of the "AG" stuff they have, so adorable! So does Raya want her own plastic Sparkle pony too, now?

    1. haha...actually my plan actually seems to have worked out for once! I didn't have Santa bring them b/c I didn't want to buy two---I was a little worried Raya would throw a fit when Brielle got one then but luckily she is fine with it. She had never wanted it as much as Brielle did---but it would have been WWIII if Santa had only brought Brielle one :-P

  3. Looks like she had an awesome Birthday.

  4. Wow! You got SO many good pictures! It looks like an awesome birthday :)

  5. Your plan about the Little Pony was genius! Looks like a fantastic party!

  6. Great pictures! I loved My Little Pony as a girl and wish my little one would get into it! For now, Minnie is our hero. It looks like she had a fabulous birthday!

  7. What a fun day! I love how your mom got right in there and went down the slide with the kids! :-)

  8. looks amazing - love all the purples and Brielle looks so happy :)

  9. What an amazing day! Looks like she had one happiest of birthdays!


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