Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little Assistant

This morning Brielle and I had to set up for a photo shoot I was having this afternoon, so as we were getting to go pick Raya up from preschool (hence the stocking hat) I quick had her stand in my "studio" so I could test the lighting.

Darn cute "test shot" if I do say so myself ;-)

And here are a couple photos from today's session:

Isn't my new pink stool cute?

This cracks me up--I told him to do a "sweet face" and this is what he did LOL

Next week I have *3* sessions scheduled! Fun getting back into things after a month off. :-)


  1. The pictures look great! Where did you find the pink stool?

    1. Target---clearance section for like $12!

    2. Of course! LOL You always get the best deals! hehe =)

  2. Love the first photo, just adorable!!!


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