Sunday, January 19, 2014


I had my first ever in-studio newborn today---what do you all think?! It was so so hard lol. I don't think newborns are my calling :-P But I don't think I did too bad considering I'm not an experienced baby whisperer hehe. I've done a couple newborns in the past for outdoor sessions, but indoors is quite a bit different. She peed on my props too! Naughty baby :-)

How cute was this little lady though?

The brown sack was Brielle's for *her* newborn photos!

"are you done yet lady?!"

Big sister!

I don't normally do families inside since my backdrops aren't very big, but we squeezed them in there pretty well :-P


  1. You did amazing! And you would never know this was your first indoor newborn shot! When we had Alyx's newborn photos done, she as well peed on the photographers props! But the photographer carried the puppy pee pads with her so if she had a blanket she was using on top of her bean bag thing it didn't go through the pee pad onto her bean bag that Alyx layed on. Pretty clever I thought =)

    1. Good idea! Luckily the blanket she was on at the time was very absorbent it didn't make it to the bean bag. I'm totally getting puppy pads for the next one though! ;-)

  2. You did a great job. I love all the bright colors.

  3. What are you talking about? The newborn pics are so good!!

  4. Um... yeah, ditto to what everyone else said! These are great!

  5. Have puppy pads and camera, will travel. Sounds like a winning logo to me!
    Great pictures!


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