Friday, January 17, 2014

Not my FB friend? Here's what you've missed!

I post *a lot* on Facebook--yes, I'm one of those people lol. So if you aren't my facebook friend here is what you've missed the last week or so! :-)

Brielle (and our cats) did a test shot for me before a client came over on Wednesday

I've posted some funny things my kids have said lately! Like:

Sorry for all these stories, but my kids crack me up! So today we had to stop for a train on the way to get Sawyer from preschool, and the train cars had a layer of snow on top on them. Suddenly Raya starts talking: "Mama, these are NOT coal cars, they have snow in them! I think they are taking snow to other places in the world where it's cold, but it hasn't snowed yet. So do you know what? This ...isn't a *coal* train, it's a *cold* train!" lol...I didn't have the heart to tell her the truth 

 Then after we get Sawyer we are driving home and I hear this:
Sawyer: "I love scorpions. Scorpions kill people."
Raya: "Well, I don't think that's very nice!"
Sawyer: "Why? They don't live around here at least!"
And this one:
Normally my girls wake up around 6am sharp and come wake me up. For some reason this morning they slept in, so when they woke up at 7 I was already awake and in the kitchen. They both immediately give me the stink eye and are MAD. Then Raya said, "Mama, you are never ever to get up before us! It just makes us and everything feel so weird!" Good to know haha

And this one from last Friday (her 2nd "big kid" gymnastics is today---wish us luck!):
O.M.G. Well, big kid gymnastics was a disaster today! lol. My stubborn child spent 45minutes with her arms crossed, a frown on her face, and telling her teacher "no" to pretty much all requests to participate lol. Hopefully seeing Raya eat all her cookies (since she hadn't earned them) was motivation enough to behave herself next week. Otherwise she may be demoted to the mommy and me class she was in before, and I do not want to do that again LOL
And I also post cute photo clients who come to my studio---like this little guy who I saw for his 6 month photos and he came back for his 9 month!
I loved this "pout" of his!
So now you are all up to date! My kids say hilarious stuff, Brielle is a naughty gymnast, and I am a rockstar photographer LOL ;-)  Happy Friday!


  1. You are a rock star photographer!!! The things your girls say always cracks me up =) And the hair on this little guy is a riot! He is so darn cute =)

  2. That little boy's hair is just way too cute! Your pictures are awesome! And the girls… they make me laugh; I love reading your quotes from them! :-)

  3. Love the "coal to cold" train. Clever little girl! My kids would say, "Raya just made up a funny joke!"

  4. Love these stories and that face is the cutest! I actually am a nazi with FB. It's my 'private' social media with only friends and family. So, anyway, glad I stopped by to read today! :)

  5. You are definitely a rock star photographer!!!!! :)

  6. Love the stories of course!! My box arrived yesterday! Everything is AWESOME!

  7. I think I've said it before, but Brielle and M seem to have very similar personalties.
    That little man is too cute!


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