Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Raya's Birthday Preview

For everyone whom Raya has gushed to about her upcoming (in May) wedding themed birthday party she's planning (her idea, no clue where this came from) you will be happy to see that today you are getting a little preview of the wedding of the century! I overheard Raya telling Sawyer that grooms must wear bow ties and girls must carry roses which Sawyer added that he was pretty sure grooms also wore hats. The end result is just too much, I'm dying over here lol

Don't worry, I fully intend to find them wedding outfits that are a little more coordinated for the actual birthday ceremony ;-)


  1. Those outfits - LOL!!!
    I love how creative and imaginative little ones are.

  2. This is adorable!! We went through old photos when we cleaned out our study over the holidays, and I found the photos from my first wedding - at age 4, to an imaginary husband named Richard. I would have DIED over a wedding themed birthday at her age!!!

  3. My goodness. My oldest is obsessed with weddings. She makes her cousin play groom too....Unfortunatly he is not as willing and the wedding usually ends with Ninjas attacking. I love the idea of a wedding themed birthday! Too cute!


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