Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday Ramblings, and Sister Saturday (a bit late!)

I slacked the last couple weeks on Trendy Tot Tuesday, but I'm linking up again this week!

First, this year you may remember I'm taking a pic of the girls together in the same spot every Saturday for "Sister Saturday" ....my little 2014 photo project. Well, since this past Saturday was Brielle's 3rd birthday I forgot to post our pic! So here it is:

Week 2

(Raya is wearing the Matilda Jane "Penny Lap" dress...and Brielle is wearing Naartjie from last season.

Continuing with Trendy Tot Tuesday, here are a few more outfits I haven't posted here of the girls

Matching Naartjie dresses --they look so much alike when they smile haha

This is the same outfit Brielle was wearing in last night's post (her Birthday interview---check it out if you missed it!)....it's Matilda Jane "Madison Lap" dress and "Marlin" ruffles.
Raya is wearing Tea Collection.

This is Naartjie that we got last year and it was way too big, fits better this year! She looks so grown up here :-(
And then how about some ballet fashion? Brielle had her very first ballet class on Friday. She's in Raya's class (it's for 3-5 year olds) and she looked so hilariously adorable in the class being the tiniest one hehe. Of course I had 3 adorable skirted leos for her to choose from and she hated them all---she chose a super pain leo of Raya's that was too big on her, but whatever! At least she did the class :-P
Raya was wearing a Target leotard.

And lastly to end my rambling fashion post haha, I have been selling off outgrown clothes like crazy lately! (In case you didn't know, the season for selling spring/summer clothes online starts in January!) I've also been thinning out some things that I'm bored of, etc. to make room for more. I'm trying to get the girls down to (slightly) smaller wardrobes full of things we absolutely love, rather than huge wardrobes full of things that are just OK. I've also realized that I never really put "play clothes" on the girls haha, so instead of spending money on Target/Old Navy/etc. play sets I'm just buying some used sets of the brands I really love and using those for play.

I'm also trying to limit myself to 4ish brands this season, to see if that helps me focus a little on a more manageable wardrobe. I've decided to do Matilda Jane and misc. boutique brands (mostly for going out and photography), NEXT (for a nicer every day stuff), and then I will shop Naartjie and Gymboree for more casual stuff.  I'm going (hopefully) to not even go look at Crazy 8, Target, Old Navy, Gap, etc. this season! It was really hard to narrow down my favorites, and I probably would have picked Gap instead of Gymboree if they did better sales and had a store near me :-P

I shop mostly used on Facebook for Matilda Jane and other boutique brands, and I've found that it ends up being so much cheaper than even Target usually! If you've never shopped those brands I'm sure you don't believe me haha, but it's true. I keep track of what I pay for those pieces when I buy them, and what I sell them for, and I break even or make money on almost everything from Matilda Jane and boutiques. I try to find dresses for under $30 and then I've been able to turn around and sell for the same price or even more sometimes, so I basically dress the girls for free! It's much easier to sell the boutique brands too---I can post an item and it's sold in a day, as opposed to selling Gymboree and taking much longer and having to lower prices, etc. etc.

So anyways, we still have a mish mash of buy aheads for this summer to deal with, but going forward this is my goal. Money wise it doesn't make much difference b/c I only use my "fun money" to shop for their clothes so I'm not wracking up cc bills or anything lol....but I would like to have less laundry to do  :-P

Anyone else start thinking about spring/summer wardrobes at all yet? :-)


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how much they look alike! I'm dying over those ballerina pictures. Cutest things ever! You need to frame those for sure.

  2. I LOVE them in their dance outfits! Just darling! I have been bad about Trendy Tot, I think I take less photos in the winter due to us being stuck indoors! I love the outdoorsy photos I take much more. I hope to get back into it more in the Spring!

  3. Your girls are adorable! Love your clothing brand selections! We try to buy end of season ahead of next year, so we're already on to buying for next fall and winter!

  4. Gah - girls clothes just kills me with cuteness.
    Love the idea of narrowing down your selection to four favorite stores/brands. We are possibly moving, and even though we plan to have one more kid (at some point), I think I should probably whittle down the clothes M has (just in case we have another boy).


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