Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Yesterday was my birthday---I'm (gulp) 32 years old! I was spoiled by Lee and my parents though so it was a fun birthday. My mom made me a birthday dinner complete with chocolate cake --and everything was dairy and egg free yet super yummy. Lee bought me a new tv and mounted it to the wall for me in my living room so that I could free up more floor space for playing. Love it.

Linking up for Trendy Tot Tuesday today ---yesterday my mom took the girls and I shopping for my birthday so the girls were looking quite stylish ;-)

Brielle was rocking some Gymboree "girls best friend" line...the boots are also Gymboree but a different line. Not a perfect match but pretty close

Raya was wearing Gymboree too. I bought this outfit with her during back-to-school shopping but she's never worn it. When we bought it there was a sliver of hope we were making progress with her anti-jean phase, but then she quickly went back to dresses only. I forced her to wear this yesterday and after a good 15 minutes of fussing she got over it and was fine all day.

Doesn't she look super comfortable? haha. :-P


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    In case you are missing baking with the girls whilst avoiding eggs - I make awesome and easy vegan brownies with just a can of real pumpkin and a box of brownie mix. You just mix the two in a bowl, pour in a greased square pan and bake for 30 minutes at 375. They come out very fudgeish, my husband prefers them to "real" brownies. You just have to make sure the mix is dairy free.

  2. Happy belated birthday. Raya's outfit is adorable

  3. Happy birthday! We are the same age (which I assumed or maybe already knew; I forget things easily, ha!) The girls are little dolls for sure!

  4. I'm glad you had a great Birthday! The girls look super cute and Raya looks great in jeans! I have a niece who is going to be 11 in March who refuses to wear jeans too. She says they are too itchy. Haha

    The girls, per the norm, are dressed cuter than can be!


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