Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beating the cold weather blues!

FREEZING here today. School was delayed due to the cold weather, but Raya already didn't have preschool today due to an inservice.

We are going to try beating the cold weather blues though by dressing cute, and going into town to hunt for some new photography props! The girls are going to be my adorable little assistants. I have 3 sessions scheduled this week and I'm wanting some new things!

Aren't they cute?

I found Brielle's dress at Kohls on the 85% off rack for like $2 ....its only a 2T but she's so tiny it works! Chaps brand I think....super soft knit and reminded me a little of Matilda Jane so I thought she could wear it with ruffle pants or something. But then I found these Gymboree footless tights we already had, and a Walmart plain shirt, and suddenly we had an adorable outfit!

Sorry Kovu, you can't come hehe

Raya is wearing a Naartjie top and hat, old navy skirt, and kohls footless tights. I'd definitely prefer this top with jeggings or something, but since she won't wear jeans we'll go with the next best thing haha

Happy hump day! Warm weather, please come sooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Cute. We are battling the cold weather today. Yesterday it was 75 today it is raining and 40, this TX weather is all over the place. Cause tomorrow its suppose to be 65

  2. I'm so with you on the cold weather! They will not cancel school here due to cold weather, and I hate having to go out in this cold to bring Emma to school. But oh well! Love their outfits! Brielle's is especially adorable. Can't wait to see your new photography props!!!

  3. My mom just flew back to IA last night. She said it was supposed to be some crazy negative temperature. No thank you.
    At least your girls look adorable, cold weather or not!

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  5. Size 2T?! She is a peanut. :-)


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