Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cat Convert

You may remember that back around Thanksgiving we adopted two adolescent cats. Up until that point neither Lee or I had ever had an indoor cat in our lives! In general I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of cats---the litter box and especially the cat hair---turned me off. We have always been more dog people.

But the girls LOVE cats and we decided to give them a shot mostly for that reason. And guess what?

I am a cat convert!!

Seriously, they are soooo easy....and I'm all about easy lol.

My favorite is the boy, Kovu. He's got the personality of a dog and is completely attached to me. He follows me around and must be cuddling me at all times if I'm sitting down. He's playful and not at all stand off-ish like you think of when you think of cats. He's well behaved and really the only trouble I've ever had with him is if we leave dirty dishes on the counter and he's hungry then he'll jump up there. Can't really fault him that haha. And he doesn't shed! I swear, like an occasional stray hair is all. The litter box I change every 2 days or so, which is much less annoying than a dog that needs to be let out multiple times a day. All in all Kovu is just the coolest! :-)

The girl, Kiara, is tolerable haha. She's  very friendly and well behaved with the girls, but doesn't have quite the personality of Kovu....and she *does* shed like a typical cat. Still not as annoying as I thought by any means though. From a work standpoint I'd take multiple cats over one dog any day lol.

So there you go---if you've been on the fence about owning a cat I would say take the plunge! For some reason they intimidated me since I'd never had one but they've definitely been great for our family--I'm a lazy pet owner so cats fit the bill :-)

On another note, Brielle dressed herself yesterday lol
She went through multiple headbands...the girl loves to accessorize :-P

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love our cats but I hate the litter box! With a passion! So I make Brian take care of it =)

    1. I hate letting our dogs out potty so I make Lee do that and I do the litter box. The litter box is kinda gross, but so much better than taking the dogs out in the cold--and our dogs like to eat dead things and poop outside, so that grosses me out more than the litter too haha.

    2. I meant they eat the poop haha---yes, gross!

  2. Though we have a cat and a dog I'm much more of a cat person. Like you said, cleaning the litter is MUCH less of a chore than multiple outings to let a dog pee. So annoying.
    After our current dog passes into doggy heaven we will likely never get a dog again.

  3. Rylee really wants a cat, but Joe and I are allergic, so I would honestly hate the hair all over the house. I already can't stand our dog's hair... drives me NUTS! Your cats are pretty adorable though. :-)

    1. Yeah, honestly, until now I didn't realize that not all cats shed the same. Like I said, one of ours doesn't really shed at all (our dog sheds way more!) but the other does shed like a typical cat. Not really sure how you'd judge that ahead of time though, unless you bought an older cat from someone you knew who told you. I was pleasantly surprised though!


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