Friday, February 28, 2014

CURED! The fever is gone

That baby fever of which I spoke yesterday? GONE!

This kid is the cure:

Brielle insisted on wearing her socks on her *hands* this morning, and then went around getting mad when she couldn't open doors or play with toys. She'd stand at a door SCREAMING "I can't open it---it's too slippery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"   Ya think?!

Then we were 10 minutes late to gymnastics because she was in the bathroom having a meltdown and rolling around on the floor by the toilet...b/c everyone time I tried to pull her pants up she said she had more pee. She didn't, but she was fucking with my mind. After at least 4 attempts to sufficiently empty her bladder I put her in timeout in the bathroom ---the public bathroom at gymnastics. Yeah, awesome parenting moment there haha.

So needless to say, Lee is getting a vasectomy when he gets home from work today :-P

In other news, we had Raya's conferences last night...she's doing great! She's a good friend and the teacher said she was one of only 5ish kids in the class who knows letter sounds. Raya knows her upper and lower case letters and a majority of letter sounds (she doesn't know all the vowel sounds etc.)....but the teacher said she only bothered testing about 5 kids in the class on the sounds b/c the others don't know them at all (and they aren't expected to know them either). The teacher said she thinks Raya will do great in kindergarten and is the type of kid who takes pride in her work and she is excited to do "homework" and anything school related. A people pleaser. Responsible. Etc. etc.


She also said Raya is definitely BFFs with her friend Lilly. The other day Lilly's mom posted this picture on my facebook page

She said she went into Lilly's room and Lilly had taped Raya's Valentine under her lightswitch HAHAHA...isn't that the cutest thing ever? And Raya was just recently invited to Lilly's birthday party next month---her first friend birthday party---she is over the moon excited.

Random pic---this is the girls from Tuesday---isn't Harper looking so much older than Brielle lately? She's only 4 month's older! Brielle has such baby thin hair and is so short compared to Harper

Lastly, thanks for all the sweet comments on my pics I posted yesterday! I can't believe how much my photography has improved in the last two years. I got my camera two years ago this spring.

This was one of the very first pictures I took with it and I was so proud of how "good" it was! haha

This one too haha

And two years later after lots of practice my pictures look like this!

I wish I could tell ya all some magic tip about my photos---the photography for dummies post I did awhile back is one of my most pinned and viewed posts of all time so I know many people are interested in it! But honestly, the best thing to do, beside investing in a DSLR camera, is to simply practice practice practice! Shoot in manual mode (don't do auto---just take the plunge and switch that bad boy over to manual mode right away!) and then take pictures every day. Slowly but surely you'll see improvement. I've never taken a single photography class---not even in school. And I didn't have anyone in my family showing me how to do it or anything either. Just decided it was something I liked doing and started doing it. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! :-)

Happy Friday everyone---hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, hilarious!! She is so similar to S, it is crazy. I really thought S would be more like a typical first child, but she really isn't! And I have made that comment to Matt several times, we have yet to actually pull the trigger.

    Also, I'm a teensy bit jealous that friend parties aren't a big deal where you are - we have been booking up our weekends and spending a fortune on gifts and it is a bit out of control.

    aaaaand, your photos are so fabulous!! Very impressive that you are self taught!!

    1. Yeah, the friend parties aren't that big in my circle over here. I've always just invited immediate family and a couple family friends to our parties, mainly b/c I didn't want to seem like a gift grabber haha...but that's probably why Raya has never been invited to a friend party---we've never invited anyone to hers! I think this year I'll let her invite just her BFF over for a birthday playdate. ;-)

  2. I hope you didn't give Lee the vasectomy. You can't take any chances with an at home job!!!

    1. LOL...Yeah, probably worth the extra money to get it done professionally. Don't want any "oops" baby down the road :-P

  3. Brielle and Marcus are so similar!! M will walk around with Scott's shoes one (size 13, mind you) and get PISSED when he gets tripped up, or can't walk over something. But, the second I try to take the shoes off, he screams like I just ripped an arm off. GAH!
    Your pictures are so good. I need to just switch my camera to manual mode now and call it a day…

  4. LOL, oh this made me laugh!!!!

  5. Hahaha! Oh my word! Hilarious!


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