Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I realize that I'm sort of "known" for having my girls dressed cutesy most of the time, and yes, I'm the first to admit that we tend to get dressed up even on days we stay at home (well, the girls do, not me! lol) ....BUT we have our fair share of ragamuffin days too! And yesterday was one of those days---a snow day so we stayed at home, didn't even do their hair (gasp!). But I had to share these pictures because it's a good example of how well the girls play together. I know I'm lucky, but I'd say 95% of the time my girls play beautifully together. Their personalities compliment each other perfectly. Brielle is a diva and by most accounts a little hard to please, but Raya is a people pleaser and goes out of her way to keep Brielle happy. So they were meant to be sisters! haha. Brielle makes crazy demands and Raya happily meets those demands, and they are both happy :-)

So here they were on an ordinary Monday, unkempt ragamuffins, playing (and making a huge mess!) happily all morning long...

We ended up with lots of vday balloons b/c my mom bought the girls balloons and then Lee didn't know she had done that and brought home more balloons for them haha.

See---unkempt ragamuffin! ;-)

Here was Raya today for school though---a little more put together haha. She looks so grown up when she wears jeans!


  1. Your little Ragamuffins are awful cute though =) And Raya does look all grown up in that last picture!!

  2. The cutest little ragamuffins I ever did see!!! :)


  3. They are still pretty cute though. We have ragamuffin days here too

  4. She does look so much older all dressed up for school!!!

  5. Oh my... my girls' hair looks worse than this more days than not, haha! Looks like it must be nicer there? {Front door open? Spring soon??}


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