Monday, February 17, 2014

Sister Saturday---and other misc.

Here was our Sister Saturday picture for the week---can't believe it's been 7 weeks already!

This weekend I took pictures and more pictures!

On Saturday I had this mother/son pair....

I was dying over the little guy's cute outfit!

And then on Sunday I took more pictures! And adorable cousin duo...

I wanted to transplant her red hair onto my children :-P

Other than pictures we hung out at home, did some grocery shopping, at lunch out yesterday....nothing too exciting. Today is another snow day for Raya, which makes #1,895,608 this year lol.

As a health update from my previous post, my bloodwork all came back good, so we still don't really know what the problem is. Current best guess is that I'm having yet another "rare" reaction/side effect....possibly to the medicine I was taking to detox from the *other* medicine I was reacting too. I just don't handle meds well haha. I'm feeling a little better now though so we'll see how the week goes.

This weekend I also worked on getting my application together so that I can apply for a school psychologist position for this coming fall. Since Raya will be starting kindergarten, and Brielle will be starting preschool, the plan is that I'll go back to work full time as a psychologist for the state in the fall. It just depends on what positions open up, because with my job I apply to the local state agency and then they assign me district(s) to work in, so even though they are posting openings I won't know the exact schools until later. So I will apply and interview and then make a decision about whether I want the job after I find out how far of a drive I'll have, etc. I'm having mixed feelings about going back to work right now. I am definitely very ready for Raya to be in school full time---she loves school and her friends, and will have lots of fun. And I'm soooo ready for Brielle to go to preschool/daycare....she is a little stinker and listening to people other than mom is going to be so good for her lol. And I am totally excited about the money I'll be making (and spending) if I get hired for fall lol. However, I'm definitely not looking forward to early mornings haha. But I worked for Raya's first year of life and I adapted fine, so I'm sure I'll figure it out :-P  And the plus side is that I'll have my summers off, and xmas break/spring break/etc., so sort of the best of both worlds. I will be sure to update you all if/when I get hired! :-)

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Good luck on the job hunt. Our school psychologists don't seem to stick around long.... We get one we really like and they move to Texas or something!
    I have loved all the photo shoots you've been posting on your FB page!

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just be stay at home moms forever?!?! I think I would enjoy it =)
    I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better. Hopefully they can get you all squared away as to what is wrong!!

    1. Yes, I'm torn because I would like to be a stay-at-home mom forever----only if my children were in school full time and I had unlimited income to spend my days frolicking around doing fun things haha. As far as actually staying at home all day with children, I think I've about hit my max after 4 years lol...I'm ready for a change!

  3. Good luck on the job hunt. Loving all the new photography pictures and that little girls red hair is so pretty.

  4. Great photo sessions! And bummer that they aren't figuring out what's going on! So if you get a job, will you still try and keep up with your Etsy shop and photography business?

    1. My Etsy shop has been closed indefinitely since before xmas, but I plan to do photography during my summers off! :-)

  5. Your photos are so good!!
    Exciting times for you! I'm already looking forward to the day I go back to work (which, let's be honest - I have *no* idea when that will be).


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