Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Family

One of my friends from high school is an amazingly talented artist---she is actually a designer at Target and designs a lot of the children's clothing graphics you probably buy for your kids! Anyways, recently she's started doing custom portraits and I immediately knew I needed one! It's the perfect conversation piece hanging on my photo wall in the entry way now :-)  Also made for a great new blog header hehe

Didn't she do a great job?! And seriously, how hot do Lee and I look lol ;-) She also nailed the girls' diva poses.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Odds and Ends

I haven't been feeling great lately---my arthritis symptoms are out of control and so I spend the first half of my day nearly crippled, and then can actually do stuff the 2nd have of the day! Trying to figure out exactly what I want to do as far as med changes and stuff with that now---no fun :-(

But at least I have these cuties to cheer me up! hehe. I had a photoshoot yesterday so they did a few test shots for me in the morning...

I adore this Matilda Jane dress on Raya....we have the matching cardigan too

The cardigan matches the stripes on the back :-)

I was happy Brielle agreed to wear jeans....I love these Gap rainbow jeans <3

Speaking of photoshoots, this is the little guy of one of my best childhood friends---so glad they scheduled a shoot with me while they were back in town! I hadn't seen their little guy since he was first born.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Just for fun....

Newborn Raya, just a couple days old <3

Raya at age 1

Raya boating at 15months!

Brielle is born!

Brielle's newborn photo---fun fact, we were there 3 hours and she never closed her eyes even once!

Sister matching! <3

Sawyer throwback!

Halloween 2011



One year ago...

..compared to this year...

Happy Thursday everyone!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Puzzle Master, and Trendy Tot Tuesday (a bit early)

I know I'm always saying what a diva Brielle is (and she is---pulling out my hair over here! LOL) but she is also super sweet and super smart. Lately she's really been into puzzles...and I know that other 3 year olds do puzzles, but Raya never enjoyed them. So this is new for us and we are so proud of her! She will choose puzzles over almost any other toy or activity nowadays...and she is *focused*....she will sit and work on puzzles even when they are challenging. I feel like her persistence with this task is above average for her age (perhaps the same persistence that has us pulling our hair out all the time?! ;-)

She's been doing our same puzzles for quite some time now, so last night Lee brought her home some new ones. She got right to work!

This morning she continued---look at all the ones she'd done!

She needs a little help here and there, but overall she does them mostly unassisted. I think she has her daddy's engineering brain!

In other news, today we got some snow. SNOW. Which made me go back and look at my blog and see that exactly two years ago my yard looked like this:

Look how green!! Lee had actually just mowed the grass! In March!

And that brings us to what my yard looked like today, exactly 2 years later:

You have gotta love Iowa haha. Look, even Lee's boat appears to be depressed :-P

From now on I will live every March in the year 2012 hehe.

And lastly, how about a little Trendy Tot Tuesday?

We were REALLY bored today, looking outside at the freezing cold and dead yard Raya put on a fashion show of some of her spring/summer dresses---let's think warm!

She has a few Hanna Andersson dresses that I ordered during a recent sale. These dresses don't always *look* that awesome, but the quality is unbeatable. You can't fade them if you tried haha.

They don't call them twirl dresses for nothin'!

She loves the pockets on this one

And then we also played dress up in some Pumpkin Patch dresses today too. They had a 60% sale awhile back which brought their prices waaay lower than normal. Again, awesome quality.

This yellow one is a bit big yet

This pink one is way cuter in's really really wrinkly in this pic haha

THis one is also way wrinkly, but I love the cut on Raya

And the cut outs on the upper back <3

And lastly, I have NO IDEA where would be appropriate to wear this dress haha...but it was fairly cheap and I knew she'd love it. She said it's a princess dress---in case you can't tell from her pose, she felt quite royal in it ;-) She told me she's wearing it to school tomorrow LOL

That's all I have for today! :-)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sister Saturday, Week 12!

One day late on Sister Saturday this week---oops!

This week I told them I was closing my eyes, and they were to surprise me with something really cute. This is what they came up with haha. (Also, Raya refuses to wear weather appropriate clothing...I have given up lol)

Also, I think mentioned the other day how Brielle is currently OBSESSED with flossing. Well during her most recent floss session I grabbed my camera hehe  Lee and I particularly find it funny when she flosses her missing front tooth gap lol

Don't miss my update from yesterday either!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Birthday party and sleepovers!

Last night my brother invited the girls over for a sleepover party.

They roasted hotdogs and made s'mores out the back of his station wagon LOL

Clearly Raya had eaten too many smores lol...she's practically seizing back there :-P

Also, don't Brielle and Harper look a lot alike in this one?
Then today Raya had her first ever classmate birthday party to attend. Lilly is her BFF at school and she was thrilled to go to this party today! They had a lot of fun :-)

After the birthday party we went and picked up Sawyer and Harper and Brielle because now tonight the kids are having a sleepover at OUR house. The fun never stops :-P

I still had a backdrop upstairs so I snapped a quick cousin had been awhile, and they were acting all kinds of crazy, but it works!

Then since Sawyer turns 6 years old next month I snapped a couple quickies of him by himself---one of my 2 most handsome nephews ever! :-)