Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dealing with change

So every morning pretty much my girls get the same hair styles. Raya gets her bangs pulled to the side and Brielle gets pigtails. Well this morning I felt like a rebel and strayed from our norm---livin' on the edge! haha. Can you tell which of my children doesn't deal well with change? ;-)


  1. Awww Raya! But it does look super cute on her =)

  2. "How could you do this to me!?!?"
    Poor thing. At least she is a cute crier!

  3. Hilarious!! And I am SO jealous of their posing - especially Brielle. I cannot get a good photo of S to save my life these days!

  4. hheheheh adorable - love the new blog header, too!


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