Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hubby shout out

You'd have to have seen my sewing room before to fully appreciate this--it was a DISASTER! But I finally got around to turning my mess of a sewing room into a guest room/ photo prop storage...and all my sewing stuff is stored neatly away in the closet so that I can pull it out as needed! Huge shout out to my awesome hubby for building me some backdrop storage to mount on the wall. It's full, which I think means he should build me another---he thinks it means I have enough lol  (There is a wall length storage shelf not pictured that hold all my photo props like baskets and crates and blankets, etc.)
In other news, on Wednesday the girls and I went to the Children's Museum. They had a new room which was really fun so that was exciting---since we have a membership and go monthly usually it's nice to have something new to play with! Although they would happily play with the same rooms every day if they could haha.
While at the mall I had some "fun money" to spend b/c my neighbor had come over and bought some of Brielle's outgrown clothes. So I turned around at used it at Crazy 8 to buy some spring/summer stuff :-) I'll wait and share my other finds when the girls actually wear it, but this whale outfit is the only one remotely appropriate for our 40 degree weather haha....Raya excitedly wore it to school today!
(excuse the non matching footwear....they get really dirty at preschool so no fun shoes)
The dress is actually a 5T so I'm surprised it actually fit haha. The other stuff I got her was all size 5/6 in big girls. (And see sparkle kitty? Yeah, that was a whole 'nother ordeal yesterday---Build-a-bear gets way too much of my money lol)
TGIF! (almost)


  1. Cute! Yes, Build a Bear gets a lot of my money, too! Such cute stuff there, tho!

  2. The room looks great! And I love that whale cute with the hot pink leggings!

  3. Cute dress!!!
    What do they do at preschool that gets them so dirty??

  4. I'm jealous of your gues room/office area! Someday...I will have a new house with lots of room, HA! =)
    And Raya's whale dress is adorable!!

  5. I'm so glad Build a Bear is far from here and will only be a special occasion thing!!! Your room looks great!


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