Friday, March 14, 2014

I lied---Fashion Show Friday

So I know that yesterday I said I wouldn't be sharing our other Crazy 8 finds until it was warmer and we actually wore them. But then today Raya insisted on changing her clothes after school anyways (she only wears sleeveless dresses at home now haha) so I thought I might as well have them try on their stuff to make sure it fit!

I love everything, but Raya is wearing size 5/6 for everything and it fits perfectly now---not really much room to grow. But the size 7/8 is huge on her (I hate split sizing!) so we will just wear these a lot at the beginning of summer in case they get too small. Then we might have to take a Crazy 8 break for her until the 7/8 fits better.

Brielle is wearing all size 3t and it fits with room to grow.

Excuse some of the weird poses....they do their own thing LOL (Also, the pic quality is horrible...I made them really small files sizes so they'd upload faster, and now they are grainy :-(

Embrace the neon! A lot of people hate it---to me it says SUMMER IS COMING! :-) The bike is all sequins <3

She said she was pushing the button on the camera to take my picture lol
new knit skirt that looks like denim ...the top we already had.

Brielle got upset that she didn't get anything new, even though she didn't need anything! I let her pick out two outfits---she chose these all on her own! (Shirt has whales all over it)

I told her she can't be naughty when wearing this says smile so that's what she has to do! ;-)


  1. Raya is hilarious. I love the imagination kids have.
    Brielle did an awesome job picking out her own outfits!

    1. She picked the outfits hanging on the lowest rack that she could reach LOL. Luckily they were cute!

  2. We have a crazy 8 here in TX and they have some really cute clothes. I love the camera outfit!

  3. I can't get over how cute they are! How fun it must be to go clothes shopping!

  4. The outfits with the whales are my favorite! But I love all the clothes you got!!

  5. Seriously... shop for my girls... these outfits are too cute!


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