Monday, March 24, 2014

Puzzle Master, and Trendy Tot Tuesday (a bit early)

I know I'm always saying what a diva Brielle is (and she is---pulling out my hair over here! LOL) but she is also super sweet and super smart. Lately she's really been into puzzles...and I know that other 3 year olds do puzzles, but Raya never enjoyed them. So this is new for us and we are so proud of her! She will choose puzzles over almost any other toy or activity nowadays...and she is *focused*....she will sit and work on puzzles even when they are challenging. I feel like her persistence with this task is above average for her age (perhaps the same persistence that has us pulling our hair out all the time?! ;-)

She's been doing our same puzzles for quite some time now, so last night Lee brought her home some new ones. She got right to work!

This morning she continued---look at all the ones she'd done!

She needs a little help here and there, but overall she does them mostly unassisted. I think she has her daddy's engineering brain!

In other news, today we got some snow. SNOW. Which made me go back and look at my blog and see that exactly two years ago my yard looked like this:

Look how green!! Lee had actually just mowed the grass! In March!

And that brings us to what my yard looked like today, exactly 2 years later:

You have gotta love Iowa haha. Look, even Lee's boat appears to be depressed :-P

From now on I will live every March in the year 2012 hehe.

And lastly, how about a little Trendy Tot Tuesday?

We were REALLY bored today, looking outside at the freezing cold and dead yard Raya put on a fashion show of some of her spring/summer dresses---let's think warm!

She has a few Hanna Andersson dresses that I ordered during a recent sale. These dresses don't always *look* that awesome, but the quality is unbeatable. You can't fade them if you tried haha.

They don't call them twirl dresses for nothin'!

She loves the pockets on this one

And then we also played dress up in some Pumpkin Patch dresses today too. They had a 60% sale awhile back which brought their prices waaay lower than normal. Again, awesome quality.

This yellow one is a bit big yet

This pink one is way cuter in's really really wrinkly in this pic haha

THis one is also way wrinkly, but I love the cut on Raya

And the cut outs on the upper back <3

And lastly, I have NO IDEA where would be appropriate to wear this dress haha...but it was fairly cheap and I knew she'd love it. She said it's a princess dress---in case you can't tell from her pose, she felt quite royal in it ;-) She told me she's wearing it to school tomorrow LOL

That's all I have for today! :-)


  1. That's great! Definitely above average for her age! It's neat to see that she loves them so much! And, seriously, your grass was extremely green last year at this time!

  2. I'm PRAYING Marcus within the next year Marcus starts taking to puzzles. I feel as if that presents a "quiet" time, or more of a 'down' time. I could use some of that. LOL
    LOVING all of Raya's dresses. And, seriously, Iowa, get it together.

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  4. Oh my gosh, Mariah would die to have that rainbow twirly dress. I must find it!!

    1. Apparently (I found out after the fact) there is a Cosco version (still same brand, just at Cosco and it has an embroidered flower added on the top part)...but anyways, cheaper and same quality I've been told!

    2. Ooops! I just bought the real thing before I read this! (Haha! Oh well!) She'll get it for her bday in May! You should tell Hannah Andersson they owe you a "thank you!"

    3. Haha, well she will LOVE it. (And I prefer the real version without the flower anyways ;-)

  5. Just the fact that Brielle will sit there and concentrate that long is awesome! I just read somewhere that kids with a longer attention span are successful in school. Good job Brielle!

    Love the modeling, as usual :)

  6. Have some dresses Raya!! LOL They are super cute! =)


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