Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sister Saturday, Week 12!

One day late on Sister Saturday this week---oops!

This week I told them I was closing my eyes, and they were to surprise me with something really cute. This is what they came up with haha. (Also, Raya refuses to wear weather appropriate clothing...I have given up lol)

Also, I think mentioned the other day how Brielle is currently OBSESSED with flossing. Well during her most recent floss session I grabbed my camera hehe  Lee and I particularly find it funny when she flosses her missing front tooth gap lol

Don't miss my update from yesterday either!


  1. Oh my goodness they are so cute. And where did you get the bunny overalls?

    1. One of my favorite brands, ! Although I got that one used on thred up last year :-)

  2. So cute! I love Brielle's jumper it's adorable!!

  3. Get used to them wanting to wear their own outfit choices, haha! Wait until you see my "Sibling Sunday" from this week! ;) And Brielle flossing is TOO cute!


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