Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sister Saturday, Week 9

They've been begging to jump for 8 weeks now, and I finally gave in haha. Excuse the blurriness!

And a bonus---after my clients left this morning the girls wanted a turn! This was unplanned and they were looking a hot mess with their hair haha, but the colors are putting me in a spring time mood on this snowy day! <3

(Raya's wearing Old Navy and Brielle is wearing Matilda Jane....for anyone curious :-)


  1. Raya really is starting to look so much like you! Such adorable girls, always dressed so nice! I need to do some Spring shopping SOON and I am hoping to start posting Trendy Tot pics when the weather gets nice again.

  2. Matilda Jane? Is that a store or online shop? See.... that's how clueless I am with girls clothes!!!!!! :)

  3. The persistence of kids amazes me - EIGHT WEEKS?! HAHA!!


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