Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Thought I'd have Raya try on some spring/summer Naartjie today---most of this is still available on the website if you are interested. There was a sale a little while back when I picked this up.

Overall I like it, although Raya is in a tricky stage where size 5 fits for length but size 6 would fit better for width. I went with a lot of 5s though just b/c they look dorky being way too long haha.

Size 5 pants, size 6 top. I like this one...funky and comfy :-)  (The tags/stickers are still on all these...sorry)

Size 5 for both. The capris are snug, but they'll work. At least they are the right length haha. This is my fav outfit of the bunch....love this bright color on her.

This is Raya's favorite because it is super twirly. Not my fav color on her, but she has some much pink in her closet I tried to get something different haha. It's longer on the sides than the front, so probably need some capris or something to wear underneath. Size 5

THis was a really cheap outfit...the only size I could get in this color was a size 7 dress so I bought it thinking it'd be huge, but she could actually wear it now haha. Will fit better in the fall though. Has a hood :-)

Brielle was moody :-P  This was another super cheap outfit...only color they had left but I thought it'd work for preschool in the fall. Pretty big right now, size 4.

And a bonus KPea tunic...we need to get capris or something for this, but I couldn't pass it up the other day---Raya has decided to have a rainbow themed birthday party in May (have I mentioned she tossed the idea of the wedding birthday?) haha...anyways, she has two rainbow-ish birthday outfits for a birthday photoshoot I plan to do and this is one of them.

This is what she'll wear on her actual birthday--I bought it off an upcycle facebook page---used, but so adorable <3

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Girls stuff is so much fun. I know I've said it before, but it's true.
    That second outfit of Raya's is so cute. Love the colors!

  2. Fun, and her birthday dress is so colorful and girly! <3 it!

  3. I love the peach/orange outfit. What a fun summer color!

  4. Where is that first rainbow dress from?!! I love it!

  5. So funny, a lot of the Naartjie stuff I got for S was size 5! Some of it is a little big, but it fits for the most part. I was praying it would work for two years, otherwise it will be a little baggy on her this year and too small next year, that would stink!

    Great, now I'm off to check out their Spring stuff... it's just the best, because she loves to move and that stuff is comfy and cute!

  6. I love Raya's second outfit at the top, so cute. And her chevron rainbow dress is adorable


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