Thursday, March 20, 2014


Had twins at my studio today---love.

Their mom took a behind the scenes photo of me in action LOL

Here are some other favs

Suffice it to say this pose looks much easier on Pinterest than it is to execute in real life! lol

Right after the twins left I had a senior session----have to go edit that now!


  1. Adorable. Really, each and every one of these photos is just to die for!!! Love the bunk bed pics!

  2. These are AWESOME!!! You are GOOD. I am super impressed. I also LOVE the bunk bed!

  3. Ahh… these are so cute! Love the colors of the one where they are swaddled. And the bunk beds…. AHHH! <3

  4. oh my goodness, these are adorable. I love all the colors you used too

  5. These are so awesome. It may not have been easy, but you sure made it look easy!

  6. Oh my word!! These are seriously some of the BEST photos I have ever seen! You have a good eye for newborn photography, and the bunk bed pictures are absolutely adorable!


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