Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who wore it better? Trendy Tot Tuesday

I'm been lazy lately and usually forget to actually link up with Trendy Tot Tuesday, but I still try to post something fashion related on Tuesdays none the less haha.

Today after preschool Raya wanted to try on some new spring/summer stuff in her closet. She picked out this Matilda Jane Pier dress, which is a size 4 but I thought she could wear it more tunic length. However it looks kinda snug to me through the top and she didn't care for the tightness ...bummer! So then I tried the same outfit on Brielle---too big! Think I'm just going to hope for a growth spurt for Brielle lol...or sell it. Haven't really decided for sure, but their pics were cute all the same ;-)  Children's Place hat to top it off!

Raya was being a major goofball haha

On another note, Raya is obsessed with the Aristocats movie and loves this Marie shirt from Target. Today she put it on with these leggings, which I never would have thought to do---happy that they match since we had nothing to go with these leggings! Not sure I'm going to let her wear them out of the house though since they technically break my leggings are not pants rule :-P

Happy Tuesday! Don't miss our cute bubble blowing pics from yesterday posted below either!


  1. That dress looks so cute (and different!) on both girls!!

  2. I'm not sure why, but none of the pictures will load for me! weird!


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