Friday, April 11, 2014


A P.S. to my update this afternoon, we got the girls' ballet pics back ---they are dancing to Beauty and the Beast this year. You can tell they are jaded about pro pics haha---at least they smiled a bit more for the sister shot.

They don't participate in the real recital at this age---they do a little inhouse performance for parents and the costumes are just borrowed. Next year Raya will be in the real recital and start getting her own costume (although I'm not looking forward to buying them LOL).


  1. How cute! I love little ballerina pics and can't wait to get our girls done. Plus I completely agree about the buying of costumes. We lucked out this year and the studio they go to bought their costumes. But your girls are ADORABLE

  2. SO cute, I love the color of the dress, Belle perfect!

  3. So adorable, love yellow on them! I've seen a pic of Autumn's dress, it is pink with black polka-dots. I can't wait to see it on her!

  4. Oh my... SO cute!


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