Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brielle's heading to daycare....

....because tonight I was hired as a school psychologist! I got the job and I'm pretty excited :-)

I start right away in August with orientation for a few days and then I'll be off and running. I won't find out my exact school district(s) for another month or more they said, but I have the/a job with them. Unfortunately I couldn't get 4 days a week---it'll be full time, 5 days a week, but really I planned to put Brielle in daycare 5 days a week regardless so I guess the extra money will be good---just have to do my grocery shopping on the weekend I guess lol.

It's definitely going to be a little hard adjusting to early, hectic mornings after 4 years at home---that's probably the thing I'm least looking forward to. But honestly, we get up at 6am every morning anyways and I have to get Raya to preschool every day by 8am, so not a huge change really.

And now I present my list of "things I'm looking forward to about being a working mom again"

1) Having a reason to buy dress clothes (seriously, so excited to have a reason to buy stuff other than jeans and a sweatshirt. Shopping spree!)

2) Showering before 8am (I feel so much better when I shower right away in the morning, but staying at home with the girls it was too easy for me to put it off until after lunch, etc. haha)

3) Brielle going to daycare/preschool (I think she's really going to benefit from the highly structured daycare/preschool environment. She'll do preschool stuff in the mornings and then stay and do daycare in the afternoons. We are checking out her future room tomorrow! She has already informed me that she will NOT be friends with boys and she will do puzzles haha)

4) Raya going to kindergarten (She'd go to kindergarten next year regardless, but knowing that she'd be gone all day anyways makes it that much easier for me to go back to work. I struggled with the idea of daycare when the girls were little babies---they seemed so fragile and I was so picky about their safety and really thought they just needed to cuddle their mama all day ;-)  But now they are older and I see how much Raya just LOVES preschool ---I have always been a fan of daycare/preschool/public school for toddlers and older. Looking forward to them getting lots of social interaction, learning to take direction from a variety of adults other than mom, and learning lots of new things that I am just not motivated to teach them at home in any sort of structured way lol)

5) Adult only lunches. Seriously, I am so excited to have lunch hours where I can eat, read a book, take a drive, etc...and not have to prepare a single grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwhich haha.

6) Adult conversations. Although I know that my job can get stressful and annoying at times, and not all the adults I interact with on a daily basis are tons of "fun" haha, I am still really excited at the idea of making some new grown-up friends, having adult conversations regularly, etc.

7) Summers off. The thing I love most about my job is that I work 190 days a year. I get summers off, all the holiday breaks, etc. And I have the freedom to re-arrange my 190 days to allow me time for a family vacation or attending something special at my girls' school, etc. I would definitely be a lot less excited about going back to work if it was year round---not sure I could do it!

8) Paychecks. Although I've managed to keep a stream of "fun money" coming in from my Etsy shop and photography, etc., it's certainly only a tiny fraction of what I can earn working as a school psych. Looking forward to spending my paychecks and also my health insurance, which is completely free and much better than the high deductible nonsense that Lee's work changed to this year :-P

9) Notebooks. Am I the only one who loved back to school shopping? haha. I love buying new notebooks, pens, office supplies, etc lol...I get to again this fall, yippee!

10) Cleaner house. I told Lee when I quite work 4 years ago that a big plus of me staying home would be that the house would be cleaner. I WAS WRONG! Seriously, all day long the girls are here making messes, dirtying dishes, dumping toys, etc. I spend all day picking up after them or just ignoring them and letting the house implode around me haha. With them gone at school and daycare the majority of the day the house is actually going to stay cleaner! And since I really don't clean or cook much when staying at home we certainly won't miss that once I return to work LOL  (I always joked that I was a great/fun stay at home MOM, but I never really became a great stay at home maid/cook :-P)

11). Being able to say "I'm a school psychologist" ---- although I *chose* to be a stay at home mom, when people ask me what I do I always end up saying something like "well, I stay at home with my girls, but I was a school psych before that!" ....b/c I guess I just worried it didn't sound like much to "just" be a stay-at-home mom. Well, now when people ask I have an easy answer again ;-)

12) Best of both worlds.  Still planning to keep up with my photography! Summers off means I can do sessions then, and I also plan to set aside maybe one Saturday a month where I do baby plan clients, etc. during the school year. Because I truly LOVE taking photos and didn't want to give that up!

You should check out my Facebook Page to see the adorable newborn I had over today <3

So anyways, lots of exciting stuff happening over here! I am really going to enjoy my summer vacation and gear up for the return to the workforce. And now when Brielle is being her "spirited" self I can start chanting "I think I can, I think I can....." because I think I can make it to August without selling her on the black market hehe.


  1. So excited for you! Maybe we could just swap rolls...I want to be a stay at home mom for 4 years now =) Haha

  2. That's awesome!! I definitely love staying home, but I miss work for all the same reasons you're glad you're going back to work!! AND I also say to people, "I'm a stay at home mom, but I used to be an executive tv news producer!" Haha... too bad I'll likely never do that again since we're doing the small-town living thing. But I have another FOUR years or so before I have to figure out the whole job thing!

    I'm super excited for you! (But I'll miss your stay-at-home mom bloggings!)

  3. Congrats on the new job, that's awesome

  4. Congrats!!! Your list makes me look at all of the bright sides! I know it will be great for you guys!

  5. Such big and exciting news! Congrats! And, I totally love buying the books too, ha ha! And the cleaning house… Totally get that! It is hard to keep it clean being home all day.

  6. Yay!!! I'm sure you will have a great transition back!!!

  7. Congratulations!!!! Is excited to be back at work. Is a new chapter in your life. God bless you and the family.

  8. So excited for you! And please keep a little time for blogging, even though I'm sure I will stay up to date on Facebook too!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting for you! And, I'm so jealous of your shopping spree for dress clothes. :)


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