Monday, April 14, 2014

Cousin Sawyer's Birthday and Sister Saturday and Superman photoshoot

As a P.S. to my post this weekend, here are the rest of the birthday pics! Sawyer had a bowling and face-painting party. The girls had never been bowling before and they loved it. They also LOVED the face painting, which they had also never done before. They slept in it that night and wore it all the next day haha. They are already talking about getting their faces painted when we go to the zoo in May, because they remember seeing a face painting stand at the zoo haha.

Grandma looks like a hottie in this pic, doesn't she?! haha

Can you spot Harper? Someone wasn't sure about Sawyer getting all the attention LOL

Waiting in line for face paint!

She took this very seriously

Jumping in excitement as it rolls down!

Celebrating with a ballerina pose haha

Brielle's turn!

A team sport

Sawyer was a knight!

Raya told Sawyer "You look like a castle and I am a princess!"

The big "6"

Presents! We didn't get Sawyer anything because we are having him over for a slumber party at the end of the month instead, and then the next day I am taking just him and Raya for a special birthday day in town

Pretty girl


Look how big Finn has gotten!

Most of the kids are in this pic


And since Saturday was also "Sister Saturday", here is our picture for the week. Raya decided we needed a review of the rules lol

And lastly, on Saturday before the party I had a of my favorite ones ever! Seriously, how adorable was little little Clark Kent/Superman

His other outfit was pretty amazing too :-)

Hope everyone has a great week! Hoping to hear back about my possible job offer this week, and on Wednesday Brielle and I have an appointment to tour her future daycare/preschool classroom. I wish them luck! ;-)


  1. looks like everyone had fun at Sawyer's party. I love the face painting.

  2. What a fun party! Love all the face paint!

  3. Oh my gosh - Harper's face. LOL!!!!
    And, that face paint is AWESOME!!

  4. oh LORD that's the cutest superman ever. And Drew had face painting at school the other day and was too scared to do it!


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