Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Curly Hair

Last night I suggested the girls sleep in braids, which is something they've never done. They were soooo excited to see their "curly twirly princess hair" in the morning!


And after:

Here's what I posted on Facebook this morning:

A few thoughts on our twirly curly hair this morning: 1) I think the post-braid hair would look less like a bad 90s perm if my girls had more/longer hair 2) Since they insisted on princess dresses to go with their "princess hair" I am think...ing Raya's preschool teachers are going to think Raya's "play clothes" are even more unconventional than normal and they will probably think we are crazy 3) I just realized the girls have their little dance recital tonight, so how the hell am I going to get this stuff in a bun? (And I'd rather die than give them an extra bath :-P) Oh well, at least they love it, right?
Have a super twirly Tuesday everyone!


  1. Super cute. And just get a spray bottle and spritz down their hair. It should relax the curls and make the hair easier to get in a bun.

  2. Unfortunately before I remembered about the recital I *covered* their hair with hairspray b/c they were worried the curl would come out haha. So I'm a little worried about wetting it down to put it in a bun in case it turns to cement LOL

    1. Oh, I can totally relate to that. I just saw the post of their recital and looks like the hair turned out darling though. So yay.

  3. I LOVED when my mom would braid my hair and I would sleep in them. The "curls" always seemed so magical.
    The girls look adorable!

  4. You could try rolling their hair in socks. BUT that would also require long hair!


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