Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dyeing Easter Eggs, 2014

We had Sawyer and Harper today, so being the awesome Aunt I am I undertook messy egg dyeing with 4 kids---yikes! But they had fun. And I LOVE the Walmart kits with the little rollers. We try to use those every year. Way easier and less messy than cups full of dye. Last year I couldn't find the roller kits and I was so mad :-P

Here are pics of our fun!


  1. We like the rollers too but made the silly mistake of not using them this year! Not smart with a toddler!

  2. You are so brave. We didn't try dyeing eggs with M this year - for obvious reasons. But, at one of our Easter gatherings kids were encouraged to dye eggs. My anxiety was through the roof. And, M only dipped one egg. That was enough for this momma! I'm assuming it gets better (easier) as they get older. :)


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