Friday, April 25, 2014

Health Update and Friday Fashion Show

First, awhile back I mentioned my healthy wasn't great---arthritis was going crazy and I was having lots of pain in my neck, which worried me b/c of my history of cancer in my neck 10 years ago. Well I am happy to report that after an MRI I found out earlier this week that there is nothing in my neck--no cancer, etc, yay! They think it's just a weird side effect of one of my meds or a symptom of my arthritis...and actually, it has been better lately since my arthritis has been a little better, so I think it probably is related. Once my new job starts and I have great insurance again I will probably try one of the more expensive meds to see if that makes a difference, but for now I'm still alive and kickin' ;-)

In other news, this weekend we are taking Sawyer for his special birthday weekend...Raya is so excited and so is Sawyer! I haven't decided exactly what we are doing yet, but pretty sure it will involve lots of sugar, trips to the toy store, etc. :-P

Lastly, the girls just LOVE trying on their summer clothes haha. The other day they did a little fashion show so here are a couple pictures of what we have coming up this summer ;-)

Naartjie has some AWESOME basic essential pieces for mixing and matching this summer. They are usually like $10 but recently they had them on sale for $7 so I picked some up, and was pleasantly surprised by these awesome shorts. They are a soft knit, look like they'll hold up well, have an adorable ruffle bottom, and they fit Raya so well which is hard to find! I can't stand the short booty shorts, especially on her b/c she has a booty :-P  We got a few colors of these---I highly recommend them :-)


Also, Amy if you are reading this originally I said I wasn't getting this dress because I heard it ran slim, but it was on sale recently and I caved and I LOVE IT! I ordered up one size and it fits Raya so perfectly. And the back? Too die for cute


These two are a little big and I may save them for next year. But I love the colors on her


And lastly, these essentials tops are so cute with the tulle and they were on sale for $7 too. Brielle's is HUGE b/c she needs *nothing* for summer clothes, so I bought ahead.  (We won't wear Raya's top with those bottoms...just trying it on haha)


If that cuteness hasn't convinced you to check out Naartjie yet then you are nutso haha ;-) Love them and cheaper than Target during sales!!

Happy Friday everyone


  1. I absolutely LOVE that dress on her! I was hesitant too but seeing on Raya makes me want it. I love those shorts too...might have to try them. I still have yet to buy Kyla any shorts for summer because nothing fits her right. I hate the shorties too. Last summer she lived in the Children's Place ones because they were the only ones that fit her ok and didn't ride up her crotch. Thanks for the fashion show :)

    Glad your pain is getting better too!

  2. Alright, Emma NEEDS that outfit that Brielle is wearing!! She normally wears an 8, so should I up to a 9 or go with a 10? What do you think?

    1. And not the one Brielle is wearing...the one Raya is wearing!! LOL I actually just ordered it in a size 9. Hope it fits!!!

    2. The dress with the cut out back? The 9 should be fine---Raya is a 5 in most dresses and this size 6 fits great, so just a little small/narrow. What color did you get her? :-)

  3. Super cute. I love those purple shorts, I may need to get some for kaylee and Keira.

  4. SO cute!!! Those girls are adorable!

  5. Love it all!! I loaded up on Emma some essentials for the summer!


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