Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Huge Fashion Show post!

Nothing to blog about today so I decided to post a bunch of random pics that I don't think have ever made it onto the blog! Some of these go back to February lol...but better late than never right? ;-)

Also, I feel the need to preface all my posts now with whether these are "pro" shots or "candids" assured, these are largely unedited candids, so excuse the crappy quality :-P And if there are weird backgrounds in some of them it's b/c I still had my backdrop set up from an earlier client haha


Yasmeen's Collection ruffle pants and Old Navy top

Naartjie---this was Raya's

Always loved the ruffles on the back!

Gymboree...and an example of Raya's modeling gone wrong lol.

I had them do a test shot for me before a client in their pjs hehe

Children's Place pjs....I used to buy lots of Gymboree matching pjs but they really like nightgowns now...luckily Brielle can pull off size 4 nightgowns in the big girl section so we can still match :-P

Random pic I took one day when I still had a backdrop set up lol

Gymboree pjs

eating purple jello jigglers while wearing purple dresses :-P

Tea Collection dress
Springtime is the season of ruined leggings on the preschool playground! ugh.

The girls always want to change clothes midday after Raya gets home from preschool. One day they came out wearing these lace dresses they wore to a wedding last fall haha. Very appropriate for a lazy day around the house, don't ya think? ;-P
I can't remember anymore why Brielle was pissed off :-P


Tea Collection


Naartjie set that I bought ahead last summer for this year

Misc. brand dress and Naartjie pants


No Added Sugar dress...hilarious story, this brand sells for over $100 new---some foreign company. One day at my consignment store I randomly saw this dress in Brielle's size...they only wanted $8! Clearly they had no idea what the brand was LOL. (And while it's a super cute dress, I can't believe people pay $100 for it :-P)

The bustle ruffles on back are my favorite

Gap cute and classic, but sadly too small :-( Consignment store find.

Crazy 8 top and Gap skirt. Top says "Be kind to me I've had a long day" with a weiner dog hehe

Mini Boden top, Naartjie jeans, Gymboree boots

Pumpkin Patch dress

Hanna Anderrson


Old Navy top and Target Jeans (she'll actually wear these jeans!)

That is all ;-)


  1. My word your girls have a lot of clothes!!! LOL =) I love them all! My favorite I think is the Red Tea Collection dress that Raya is wearing! It looks adorable on her!

    1. Tip of the iceberg girl, tip of the iceberg LOL

      And yes, I love that dress on her! Funny store, it came with a TEENY snag on it and since I had decided Raya had plenty of dresses anyways I wrote customer service and asked if I could do a free return b/c of the defect....they ended up refunding me all the money plus told me to just keep the dress--SCORE! Gotta love a free dress right? :-)

  2. These are still a thousand times better than any pictures I take, and yes, your girls have A LOT of clothes, haha! I love those pjs!

  3. I love the $100 dress story. Think of the resale you can get! lol

    1. Of course now that I "outted" myself I'll need to find a non blog reader to profit off of LOL.

  4. Adorable!! S has tons of clothes but I never get good pictures of her in them. And then I buy more and the cycle continues. Ha!

  5. A few things…
    Your girls are always dressed so adorably. Even on 'lazy days'!
    Haven't heard of Jello Jigglers in SO LONG - HA!!
    L.O.V.E. the butterfly outfit on Raya (I'm butterfly obsessed).
    And, I would never in a bazillion years pay $100 for kids clothes, but awesome find!!

  6. I had to look at this post twice. Once to admire all the cute clothing. And another to focus on the poses :)


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