Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mama Fashion (Yes, I can be fashionable too! Kinda...)

I've been Thinking about spring and summer shopping for myself recently (yes, I wear clothes too! haha). My closet is extremely modest compared to the girls. You may be surprised to know that I usually rotate the same 7-10 outfits all season haha...whereas my girls have, well, more than that :-P

Here are some things I like right now--- a peek into my personal style for a change!

I usually like Maurices a lot. I don't wear dresses much, but I'm really loving lace dresses and brown belts---and aqua is my favorite color  (If my arthritis didn't cause foot problems I'd pair with cute brown boots!)

I also like this one

Another fashion fact about me? I have a slight obsession with black dresses. Like every time I go shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding or something I come home with another black dress haha. I just love black!

This one is pretty darn cute, again at Maurices

Ok, moving on to work fashion---going back to work in the fall and I'll need work clothes!

I'm pretty boring for pants at work...I pretty much wear black dress pants every day haha...but I do vary things up with my tops ---nothing too wild at work though :-P

Then for casual summer clothes this summer I like these  (I'm a tank top girl in the summer)

Ok, so that's Maurices--guess I'll save another store for a different day!

What's your favorite look I posted---convince me to actually buy one ;-)


  1. I LOOOOVE maurices. You can get super cute clothes that are not "brand" heavy. lol I dont know that I could pull off a shirt that said aeropostale across my chest.

    I love that teal & white cheveron cover up shirt. It looks great for windy spring weather :)

  2. The dresses. Buy them all!!
    We don't have Maurices out here, and I miss them!!

  3. I loovveee Maurice's! We just recently for one here and I'm loving their clothes! In so glad to hear that while working you pretty much wear black pants everyday...because so do I!! Haha I really desperately need to get new tops. I love all the ones you posted especially the chevron cardigan!!

  4. I too love Maurices! And, I LOVE this post! I love seeing your style. :-) My favorite is the striped top that you can throw over a tank. Seems you could do so much with that. I also love the dresses, especially the first one.

  5. I've always loved Maurices too, but haven't been there forever! I love the first dress and first top and the orange and white tank. I need some new tanks for summer!

  6. I don't even know what Maurices is?!?!?! But I think I should... I love the first dress


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