Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New backdrops

This is what I posted on my photography page just now:

These are just super quick shots so excuse the subpar quality, but I wanted to share my NEW BACKDROPS that just came in the mail today! I grabbed whatever kid matched the best---can you believe they all just happened to be wearing outfits ...that matched so well? haha. My niece is using my white brick , my youngest daughter has the "grunge" multicolor wood, and my oldest daughter has gold polkadots. Which new backdrop is your favorite? (My oldest made that paper flower at preschool today and insists on wearing it now--go with it haha)


  1. I LOVE them! My favorite is the one that you used for Brielle! Where do you purchase your backdrops from?? =)

    1. Ink & Elm ----follow them on Facebook---they have frequent specials/sales :-)

  2. I love them all but my pick is the gold polka dot!! I think Raya's flower totally sets it off!

  3. I have to go with the white brick. But I think they're all fabulous!

  4. My favorite is the multi-color wood! Love it!

  5. Love the one with the polka dots!


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