Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sister Saturday and Playing outside!

First up, the girls were at Lee's parents this weekend so we did our sister Saturday picture on Monday this week!

Aren't they cute?! And yes, they insisted on fancy sleeveless dresses in our cold weather haha

Then yesterday it actually warmed up to 60 degrees in the afternoon, so we played outside for a bit!

I took pictures, but be warned I was too lazy to edit them much and the sunlight wasn't great for taking nice photos.


divalicious Brielle! haha

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. I love their outfits and all the color. My girls are pretty insistent on spring dresses these days too. I can't blame them though, I think we are all ready to finally have some warm weather.

  2. Precious photos!! I love the gansta one of B!

  3. I love how your unedited photos always look a million times better than my edited ones!!
    And, that wide open corn field - my heart aches to be home!

  4. Those pictures are beautiful!!! Xo


  5. I love your header, who did it?
    Cute pictures as always

  6. Did Brielle get her hair cut shorter? It looks like it in the "Sister Sat." pic.

    1. I did trim it awhile back, but that pic is deceiving b/c you only see the little top pony part, the rest of her hair is just tucked behind her!


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